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Yankees Legend Derek Jeter’s Ex-teammate Makes Surprise Request 14 Years After World Series Triumph

Published 09/24/2023, 1:35 PM EDT

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Derek Jeter probably never thought of receiving a peculiar request decades after the 2009 World Series. While friends and teammates often surprise or prank each other with dares, Captain Clutch never seems to be involved in them. However, surprises are unexpected after all.

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The former New York Yankees captain has been not very active social media user. Rather, he used social platforms less than most of his ex-companions. But recently, one of his ex-teammates chose Twitter to give a unique autograph dare to The Captain. It was shocking, as it was more than a decade since these two have been seen together. Now, this unique request has again raised the memories among the fans.

Unique Autograph Request From Derek Jeter


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In the MLB world, numerous players made their debut, but only a few can mark their long-lasting impression. Joba Chamberlain is one of those players who won a World Series but couldn’t touch the legendary achievements of the 5x World Series Champion. After Chamberlain left the Yankees, this duo was never spotted together. Until Friday, no one probably tried to reconnect him with the former Yankees Captain. But the former pitcher tagged the icon on a Twitter post and wrote, “Everyone lets see if @derekjeter will see this and sign my chair (i will pay for shipping)”

The fans were enthusiastic about remembering Joba’s time with the Yankees, particularly his debut season in 2007, despite the fact that the MLB icon has not yet responded to the post. They are casually laughed at the incident where he led the team to defeat. It was the famous ‘Bug Game’ that finally lessened the image of the pitcher. During an American League Division game against the Cleveland Indians, a swarm of flies attacked the field, reducing visibility. This incident coincides with Joba’s pitching time.


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While the pitcher was struggling with the flies, the head coach ran to him and sprayed mosquito repellant. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and the pitcher finally pitched two wild pitches that contributed to their defeat. Until that point, the season was pretty well for Joba, but it then started going the opposite. Visibility issue was not entirely his fault, but the 38-year-old pitcher took the blame on himself. Later he won the 2009 World Champion Series with Jeter and left the Yankees in 2013.

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However, about his autograph request, it’s hard to get a reply. He made the request to someone who’s rarely active on social media. Even at parties, the former Yankees Captain refrains from taking his pictures.

Derek Jeter’s Peculiar Party Behavior

During or after his baseball life, the MLB legend has never been comfortable with social media. Unlike A-Rod, Captain Clutch avoids the cameras and media as much as possible. Even during a party in his house, Derek forbids his friends from clicking pictures as he doesn’t want it to be a big issue. He prioritizes his privacy over everything.


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This secretive attitude restricts him from using social media. So, we can only hope for him to see the post and reply to his ex-teammate’s request.

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