Leaner Giancarlo Stanton’s Fresh Mechanics Scream a Monster 2024

Published 02/21/2024, 6:00 AM EST

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Reflecting on the rocky 2023 season, my concluding memory was Brian Cashman’s controversial jab at Giancarlo Stanton. His words felt both unnecessary and misguided, especially considering Stanton’s solid rep as a standup, responsible, and loyal teammate in the New York Yankees clubhouse. “(Getting hurt) seems to be part of his game,” said Cashman. This didn’t sit well with Stanton or his agent and come 2024 spring Stanton’s clipped “He knows my reaction to that” spoke volumes about his feelings on the matter.

So, how did Big G set out to prove Cashman wrong? The fact of the matter: Stanton has managed to play over 150 games in just three of his 14 seasons, with another season clocking in at 145 games. Maybe Cashman had a point, but there’s a time and place to air such comments, and a seasoned GM should surely know better. But as I stray away, the real story here is how Stanton responded to the criticism. He didn’t just come back; he transformed himself and the Yankees universe couldn’t stop talking about it. But a leaner Giancarlo Stanton is only good if he can produce like before and stay off the injury list. And, not stopping at physical changes, the 34-year-old went ahead and tweaked his swing too.

Day 1 of Spring Training: Early Positive Flashes from Giancarlo Stanton


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There’s a silver lining in having a boss who doesn’t mince words, even when it comes to his star players with hefty contracts. After a 2023 season that left him looking more like an aging bodybuilder, Stanton knew something had to give. His post-2022 All-Star break numbers were far from superstar material, and by the year’s end, it was a struggle for him to even run the bases.

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If one day of spring training helped me understand anything, it’s this: Stanton used the offseason to reinvent himself. He slimmed down significantly, a stark contrast to his previously Herculean physique. Now, as he stands next to captain Aaron Judge, he looks like he’s in a completely different league physically. Of course, this brings up a whole new set of questions.


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Will this new, lighter Stanton produce? The man himself has teased a revamped swing to go along with his leaner frame. For the 2024 season, Giancarlo Stanton has made notable changes to his batting stance. He has shifted to a more vertical position, moving away from his previously more hunched approach. His stance is now narrower, with his feet closer together compared to the wide, staggered setup he previously favored. Moreover, Stanton seems more relaxed in his overall stance, with his back elbow more closely aligned with his body and his hands positioned closer to his torso.

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Stanton’s swing has been his signature, a powerful force against fastballs but a liability against breaking balls. Last season, as his speed and agility began to wane, even fastballs were getting the better of him. This led to a disappointing -0.8 bWAR.


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His original stance, known for its dramatic closed-off nature, made pulling the ball—a critical aspect of his power game—a challenge. Yet, the stats tell a story of potential: of the 43 at-bats that led to a pulled fly ball or line drive last season, 13 ended in homers. Early signs from spring training suggest that Stanton’s efforts might be bearing fruit. A clip circulating from day one shows him driving the ball far into right field, a small yet promising indicator that the tweaks to his swing could be paying off.


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Stanton, in the twilight of his massive contract with the Yankees—a deal inherited from his days with the Miami Marlins—faced a critical juncture as 2023 wound down. Whether or not his transformation leads to a resurgence of his career, only time will tell. I can’t help but lean into my hopeful side, eagerly anticipating a blockbuster 2024 for Stanton. Come opening day, I’ll be there, on my feet, cheering for Giancarlo Stanton.


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