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2x World Series Champion Chastises Those Celebrating Gisele Bundchen’s Single Life After Heartbreaking Tom Brady Divorce

Published 02/22/2023, 1:29 PM EST

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were a power couple loved by millions of fans and followers. They were the poster couple for a successful marriage, considering their professional success. But in 2022, tensions shot up in their marriage, following Brady’s decision to unretire. In October of last year, they finalized their divorce to the shock and devastation of many fans. 

Many media houses followed the split as it was happening and have done subsequent coverage on Brady and Bundchen. But one former MLB star and 2-time World Series champion recently slammed people for celebrating Bundchen’s life as a divorcee. 

Retired MLB star Aubrey Huff criticized people for celebrating Gisele Bundchen’s divorced life


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Following the divorce between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, the media have been following their personal lives. This includes how the two of them are handling the split. Retired MLB legend and 2-time World Series champion Aubrey Huff recently criticized people for celebrating the divorce. He did so on Twitter in response to an article by Barstool Sports.

In a Tweet, Huff said, “This is today’s sick society. Celebrating divorce. There is nothing sexy about it.” He also blamed today’s society for the celebration of divorce. Huff is divorced as well and has said some controversial things about the topic in the past. 


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But getting back to Brady and Bundchen, the two divorced because of the NFL icon’s unretirement last year. The former model was unhappy that her husband returned to football despite having agreed to retire. This led to tension in their marriage and the eventual divorce. In the last month, Brady announced his second retirement and the next step in his career. 

Tom Brady will start his career as a broadcaster in 2024

Following his initial retirement in 2022, Tom Brady signed a 10-year $375 million deal to become an NFL Analyst with Fox Sports. After Brady unretired, this deal was postponed. Brady confirmed that he will start that 10-year deal during the 2024 NFL season. 


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It will be interesting to see how the NFL icon fares as an analyst next year. What do you think of Aubrey Huff’s comments on people celebrating Gisele Bundchen’s life after splitting from Tom Brady? Please share your views on the topic down below!



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