No matter where he is, a star always remembers how to shine. Such is the case with the LA Angels’ $426 million star Mike Trout. Earlier this month, after succumbing to a wrist injury, Trout went on the IL and hasn’t returned since. However, Prince Fish is back in the ballpark after having surgery to heal his wrist, just not on the plate. And he is still making waves, only this moment as a longtime fan of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles

While in the ballpark, former world champ Dexter Fowler recalled a hilarious account of watching an Eagles game with the Angels’ star. 

Mike Trout Is a Pro-eagles Fan!


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Like the fierce rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, another ferocious age-old rivalry exists in the National Football League. Playing against each other for over half a century, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are the intense rivals in the entire league. And Trout, being a forever Eagles fans, jumps at the chance of watching their games. 

While in the Angels’ dugout with Trout, Fowler recounted a hilarious experience of watching a game with him between the Cowboys and the Eagles. Naturally, Mike was rooting for the Eagles. But as it happened, at the moment, Dexter was the only one in the box rooting for the Cowboys. 

Thus, when the outlier Fowler called Trout and asked how he liked the game, Mike said, “It’s good, man, we kicking the Cowboys’ butt.” As Dexter reminisced about those words, a radiant smile lit up Trout’s face, both of them cherishing the memory of that iconic moment.

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Half a decade ago, the Angles star made a prediction towards his beloved NFL team, Eagles.

Trout Once Accurately Predicted the Eagles’ Super Bowl Win


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In 2018, the Eagles were up against the NFL legend, Tom Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots. Winning against the then 5x Super Bowl champ was tough to its core.

However, even that did not stop Trout from predicting that the team he grew up watching would win the Super Bowl by a significant difference against the legendary Tom Brady. 

A couple of weeks after Mike’s prediction, when the two teams faced each other, Eagles became the champion, by scoring eight more than the Patriots.  


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Trout becomes a seer when it comes to the Eagles. 

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