Josh Booty, a name synonymous with athletic versatility, could teach a masterclass on resilience and adaptation. He transformed his career from a high school dual-sport star to a professional baseball player, college football athlete, NFL QB, and even a Knuckleballer late in life to an entrepreneur. Both triumphs and obstacles punctuated his athletic career, but through each setback, Booty’s unwavering spirit and entrepreneurial drive propelled him toward new horizons.

A standout high school athlete, Josh Booty garnered national recognition as the USA Today’s Offensive Player of the Year and National High School Player of the Year by multiple organizations, such as Parade and the Football News. Drafted by the Florida Marlins in 1994, he embarked on a baseball career with a ’97 World Series win that, while promising, didn’t reach its full potential. Josh was a defensive phenom and a great home run hitter, but could not hit the curve. After he was hurt and returned to the minors, he finally had enough of baseball and although he had not played football for over 5 years, it was still his passion.  Booty finally decided to return to his gridiron roots to play with his brother at LSU and starred as their starting QB under both Coach DiNardo and Coach Saban before entering the NFL as a 6th draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks.

However, challenges persisted, leading him to explore uncharted territory. Josh left the NFL after 3 years and began to leverage his skills and network to help companies grow. He became an investor in several companies but decided to take one more shot at the pros through a reality show to find the next great knuckleballer on the MLB Network. So at age 38, Josh laced up the cleats again, and guess what…he won. It allowed him the opportunity to go to spring training with The Diamondbacks, but ultimately he was unable to make the final roster. It was finally time to leave the sport’s legacy to his children and nephew, all budding stars in their own right, and commit fully to entrepreneurship.


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The evolution of a champion—Josh Booty’s journey from athlete to entrepreneur

“I got the opportunity to, of course, play in the NFL, play Major League Baseball; I’d say I’m kind of a jack of all trades, a master of none,” Booty reflects with a chuckle on the upcoming EssentiallySports Think Tank episode, underscoring his diverse experiences. Yet, this “jack of all trades” mentality became his greatest asset. Booty’s competitive fire, cultivated on the field, fueled his foray into entrepreneurship. Leveraging his sports background, he embraced reinvention, viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Josh Booty’s latest ventures, BULA, and the Albatross Golf Society, exemplify his innovative spirit. BULA, a social challenge app, merges corporate engagement with gamification, while the Albatross Golf Society offers a unique networking platform for avid golfers and celebrities. These ventures, born from Booty’s passion for sports and community, showcase his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Josh Booty’s story isn’t merely about athleticism; it’s a blueprint for personal and professional evolution. His relentless pursuit of improvement, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, transformed challenges into catalysts for success. In his own words, “It’s not always about the prize—it’s a lot of times about the process.”


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I was able to sit down with Josh to learn more about his remarkable journey and the budding success of his two latest ventures on EssentiallySports.

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This Article is co-authored by Shrabana Sengupta.