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MMA Fighter Cindy Dandois Becomes a Victim of Assault by Ex Boyfriend

MMA Fighter Cindy Dandois Becomes a Victim of Assault by Ex Boyfriend

Cindy Dandois

Former UFC fighter, Cindy Dandois was brutally attacked by her ex-boyfriend in Antwerp, Belgium, last Friday. The 35 years old fighter from Belgium reported  Het Laatste Nieuws about the entire incident, according to which an ex-boyfriend of hers, who is also an MMA fighter, was upset about their break up and attacked her outside of her house.

The ex-boyfriend had a history of aggressive behavior and he was constantly giving threats to Dindy Dandois. However, Dandois decided to take the threats lightly and tried to deal with her ex-boyfriend patiently, which caused this unfortunate incident to take place.

“It will be a scar for life, I hope that they can straighten my nose. I should have taken his threats seriously from the beginning, but I always hoped he would calm down. Wrong.”  said Dandois after the unfortunate attack.

The attacker used a key to attack Dandois, causing severe damage to her nose. Dandois took it to social media sharing the images of her shattered nose.

Cindy Dandois

Stating the reason for the attack, Cindy Dandois said :

“He did not accept that I want to move on and just stay friends, It’s jealousy. He threatened me all the time, but I never took his threats seriously. Until he comes to my door.” 

The former UFC fighter has also competed in elite organizations such as Invicta and Bellator and has an experience of close to a decade. She was also going to headline an event in Athens, Greece, on Dec. 15. “I hope to be restored in time for the next fight,” hopes Dandois.

Even after going through all these, Dandois seems to have compassion for the attacker as she declines to disclose his name. However, she hopes for a speedy recovery and is willing to forgive the attacker.

“We are all human beings, we all make mistakes, I hope he realizes it and pulls himself together. He does not have to be sent to prison. Leave me alone, that’s all. In any case, I’m not going to get myself down. I’m not one to mope in a crying corner. Fortunately, I’m still here. It could have ended otherwise.”

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