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“I Would Literally Tear One of Your Arms Off”- Jon Jones Calls Out Israel Adesanya After UFC 253

“I Would Literally Tear One of Your Arms Off”- Jon Jones Calls Out Israel Adesanya After UFC 253

Despite Israel Adesanya’s unparalleled dominance in the UFC, Jon Jones still rakes himself above the middleweight champion.

The former light heavyweight champion said that he would tear apart Israel Adesanya if they were to ever confront each other. That said, a matchup between them has been touted for months. Adesanya, in a bid to face Jon Jones, has also hinted at entering the light heavyweight division. However, the latter’s recent move to the heavyweight roster has put a halt to the matchup.

Yet, the ‘Last Stylebender’ is still eyeing a matchup against ‘Bones’. Though he is confident about defeating the light heavyweight great, Jones has ruled out Adesanya’s claims and has blasted him over social media.

Jon Jones doesn’t see Israel Adesanya as a legitimate contender

Jones turned to Instagram and posted a short clip where Adesanya claimed he could overpower him. The video is from the post-fight press conference of UFC 253, where the middleweight champion says, “So many times in the middleweight division. And then he moved up to light heavyweight for little shows. I just wanted to f*** up Jon Jones and  I still will “


In response, Jones wrote a lengthy caption. Since Jones has also been undefeated for years in the sport, he doesn’t fear Adesanya’s game plan. The former champion wrote, “You don’t want real confrontation with me, I’m not gonna just stand there and kickbox with you. I’ve been preparing for heavyweights, right around now I would literally tear one of your arms off.”

Meanwhile, Adesanya vs Jones has all the chances of becoming one of the biggest fights in the UFC. Both of them are undefeated world champions (even though Jones has a disqualification loss in a fight that he was dominating), and possess a global fanbase. Thus fight fans would love to see two of their favorites go against each other. It would also determine the absolute best in the sport of MMA.

Thus, the matchup seems alluring down the line. However, it takes a lot more to finalize a bout. While Jones and Adesanya seem ready for war, it is Dana White and UFC administrators who would take the last call.

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