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Daniel Cormier Says Jon Jones ‘Was Hiding Under the Ring’ Before Their Fight Because of Drug Testing

Daniel Cormier Says Jon Jones ‘Was Hiding Under the Ring’ Before Their Fight Because of Drug Testing

Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones have been going at each other on Twitter for a while now. It’s no secret that the current middleweight champion ‘Izzy’ and the former light heavyweight champion ‘Bones’ dislike each other. Over the past week, the pair have trolled each other multiple times.

Following his recent win at UFC 253, Adesanya is observing two weeks in quarantine in Las Vegas before he can go back home to Auckland. This has given him a lot of free time to make fun of fighters like Costa, who demanded an immediate re-match, and also Jon Jones. 

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Daniel Cormier feels a quarantined Israel Adesanya is dangerous

On the recent episode of ‘DC’ and Helwani’, the pair dissected the recent twitter exchange between Jon Jones and Adesanya. Helwani compared “quarantined Israel Adesanya” with sea level Cain and a motivated BJ Penn. He claimed that ‘Izzy’ is the most dangerous of them all. 

Daniel chimed in and said, “It got ugly last week. It got ugly. Because there were personal insults, there were attacks on the family. There were so many levels of disrespectful tweets….. Look man, there is a level of research and things that you will do in fight promotion. At least that’s how I looked at it. If I said something against Jones or Miocic or Gustafsson, any of those guys I was fighting for titles. I would always try to find out if it was true. Trust me, I’ve always heard about Jones hiding under the ring when we were going to fight the first time, from the drug testers.”

Cormier continued, “I just did not know if it was true, so I did not say it. But these younger kids, these internet kids, they don’t care if it is true or not. He takes anything and he just uses it. He’s taken every rumor he’s heard about Jones and he just uses it.”

The back and forth between Jones and Israel might have started as banter, but turned ugly pretty quickly. In the last week, both men have dragged family into the tweets. Jones tweeted about ‘Izzy’s’ father and Adesanya in response tweeted about Jones’ late mother. 


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