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WATCH: Jimmy Crute Stuns Everyone With a Brutal KO Victory at UFC Fight Night on Fight Island

WATCH: Jimmy Crute Stuns Everyone With a Brutal KO Victory at UFC Fight Night on Fight Island

Jimmy Crute vs Modestas Bukauskas was the third fight on the main card. The light heavyweight fight between the two men served as an excellent build-up to the featherweight main event. The card had been packed with some amazing performances, and Crute made sure he did not lag behind. 

The light-heavyweight division is one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC. A promising fighter, Crute was matched up against another up-and-coming fighter in ‘The Baltic Gladiator’ for a chance for both men to get themselves ranked in the division. 

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Jimmy Crute makes a statement with a brutal KO win 

‘The Brute’ is one of the most exciting prospects to have come out of Dana White’s Contender Series. In the fight against Bukauskas, he started off well. Modestas landed some good shots early on and connected with leg kicks frequently. However, as he went for kick, Crute landed a brilliant right hand over the top that dropped ‘The Baltic Gladiator’.

 As Modestas was trying to stand up and gather himself, ‘The Brute’ connected a brutal left hand that dropped Modestas once again. As soon as Bukauskas hit the ground the second time, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight as he had seen enough.

Crute established his dominance in the fight from the first minute itself. He was able to land 18 total strikes in the fight with an accuracy of 72%. He also landed a staggering 17 significant strikes in the short span that the fight lasted, with an accuracy of 71%. 

Crute made his debut in the UFC on Dana White’s contender series in July 2018 with a stoppage over Chris Birchler. Since then has fought five times and is 5-1 in the UFC thus far. His only loss was at the hands of Misha Cirkunov.

An impressive performance such as the one today should see Jimmy attain a rank in the UFC. If he can maintain this level of performance, it won’t be long before he makes it to the top 10. What did you make of ‘The Brute’s’ finish on Fight Island?


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