George Foreman Makes an Insane Claim Regarding Mike Tyson

December 1, 2020 6:30 pm

The Saturday night Tyson vs Jones PPV bout gathered millions of eyeballs across the world. Although the fight ended with a split draw on the judges’ scorecard, Mike Tyson stole the show and showed a glimpse of his former self. Tyson entered the Boxing ring after almost 2 decades, and many from the Combat Sports community believed Tyson won the exhibition bout.

George Foreman, one of the greatest Boxers to step inside the ring, had some words of wisdom for ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

As per’s Michael Benson, “George Foreman has declared that he believes Mike Tyson, aged 54, can break his record and be the oldest heavyweight world champion in history: “If he can be managed right, the right champion will come to him. If the right one comes, he can knock him out.

He’s capable of fighting anybody because, truthfully, people are going to have problems getting out of the first couple rounds with him. That was the hardest part, getting past the first two, three rounds. So if he catches you, you’re going to have problems. I was feeling everything. He’s an exceptional puncher still, and he can do anything he wants to do,Foreman added.

Even at his current age, Tyson showed substantial speed and significant defense throughout the 8 round fight. Tyson began the bout landing heavy right hands on Jones.

The fight didn’t see any knockdown or cuts throughout those 16 minutes as both the men began heavy-breathing in subsequent rounds. Tyson absorbed a few jabs to the face and body coming from the former four-division champ but stood still onto his legs.

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Can Mike Tyson be the oldest Heavyweight Champion in history?

Tyson, 54, made his debut in the world of pro-Boxing in 1985. He was considered one of the most daunting Heavyweight Boxers in history. His ferocious one-punch knockout power and slick defense made him the finest to step inside the Boxing ring.

He retired from the sport in 2005, suffering an RTD loss to Kevin McBride.

Tyson became the youngest Heavyweight champion in the sport’s history at age 20 by knocking out Trevor Berbick. Post his title-fight win, Tyson told his manager that, “I am the youngest Heavyweight Boxing Champion in history and I’m going to be the oldest.”

In a post-fight interview with The Sun, Tyson stated, “I’m just happy I got this under my belt. I’m continuing to go further and do more. Absolutely [I’ll do this again].”

Tyson even looked adamant about getting a rematch with Jones, saying, “We gotta do this again”.

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‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was rumored to confront Evander Holyfield for the third time before his bout was scheduled against Jones, but it wasn’t booked for undisclosed reasons. However, with his hunger visible to fight more, there’s absolutely no doubt that Tyson would step-in the Boxing ring once again.

Who would you like to see Mike Tyson face next? Can Tyson reclaim the Heavyweight belt at this age?

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