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“Y’all Ain’t Got Nothing To Do”- Mike Perry Hits out At Darren Till’s Fans

“Y’all Ain’t Got Nothing To Do”- Mike Perry Hits out At Darren Till’s Fans

Mike Perry and Darren Till are not on the best of terms. The two men have been going back and forth relentlessly at each other on social media over the past few months. ‘Platinum’ currently fights at 170 pounds. ‘The Gorilla‘ used to compete at that very weight class but moved up in 2019.  Despite being in different weight divisions, the fighters are out for blood against each other. 

The fighters have no love lost for each other and could be set for a clash at middleweight soon.

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Mike Perry reveals he was offered a fight against Darren Till

Helen recently interviewed Mike Perry. In the interview, she mentioned that ‘The Gorilla’ was supporting him for his upcoming fight. Yee asked ‘Platinum’ his thoughts on the same, he replied, “Yeah sure, He eats it up that he’s got all these little fans over there that every time he mentions my name they think it’s so funny. What’s wrong with y’all. Y’all ain’t got nothing to do.”

Perry continued, “I mean, s**t, I’ll fight Darren Till, anytime”. When asked if the fight was offered to him, Perry said, “It was offered like the day after Max Griffin beat me up. So I had stitches and staples all over my face. And they were like do you wanna fight Till in a month…. I said how much? Cause y’all going to have to pay me to hurry up through these injuries. They did not come back with an offer.”

The back and forth between Perry and Till intensified when ‘The Gorilla’ offered to put up $5,000 to corner him for the upcoming fight. He then followed it up with a series of messages which led to ‘Platinum’ sharing an ominous message about Darren Till. 

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If Perry is able to secure a win against Tim Means, do you see a fight taking place between him and Darren Till? Let us know in the comments below.

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