The Joe Rogan Experience, one of the most successful podcasts in the world, draws millions of viewers on a regular basis. Rogan often brings on people from various fields of expertise to cover topics ranging from sports to politics to technology and much more. 

Rogan recently had on British author Graham Hancock and attorney and author, Brian Muraresku. Who authored a book on a look into the psychedelic origins of the world’s great spiritual practices, and what those might mean for how we view ourselves and the world around us. This was the main topic of discussion between the three men. 


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It is no secret that Rogan is a proponent of legalizing the usage of certain drugs for treating specific ailments. Along the same lines, while discussing psychedelics, Rogan believes that drugs like MDMA should be used for treating ailments such as PTSD. Since there has been a lot of solid research that proves that MDMA helps in treating it.

He also mentioned that the country was struggling with an opioid crisis and that many people have lost their lives to it. Furthermore, drugs like Ibogaine help in curing people that are addicted to opioids. However, it’s  not available in the United States for medicinal purposes. 

On the topic of Ibogaine helping opioid addiction, Rogan added, “That can be nipped in the bud like really effectively with Ibogaine. And the fact that you have to leave the country to have these Ibogaine experiences, it’s a terrible statement on the rational thinking of our culture today.”

“Cause it’s not like these are unknown things. We’re talking about this right now on a podcast that millions of people are going to be watching. We’ve talked about it dozens of times in the past.”

Joe Rogan on the Efficacy of drugs like Ibogaine

Rogan continued, “It’s something that scientists are aware of. Researchers are aware of. Particularly people who have come back from there and have had these experiences, and have been cured of their addictions.

“It literally re-wires the way the brain interfaces with these opioids. The fact that it is not available to people and they have to go through traditional counseling and benefit from their willpower and somehow or the other try not to relapse. It’s terrible.”


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Ibogaine is an alkaloid with a putative effect in acute opioid withdrawal. An estimated 3 million people in the US have had or currently suffer from opioid use disorder.

Recent research has shown Doses of 10 mg/kg or more of a person’s bodyweight launches a visual phase lasting 1 to 4 hours followed by an introspective stage, the latter of which gives patients insights into their addictive behaviors.

Which helps in de-addiction. However, Ibogaine is on the drug enforcement administration’s schedule one list. Which means that the agent has no current acceptable medical use as of now.


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Do you think certain drugs that have been proven to be helpful in treating certain ailments should be legalized? Or do you think drugs, irrespective of benefits, should be banned?

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