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Mohammad Amir: A Big Wheel of Pakistan’s Championship Title Triumph

Mohammad Amir: A Big Wheel of Pakistan’s Championship Title Triumph

India Today

Although ICC’s mega championship event met its conclusion on Sunday, this tournament has left its major crux behind for the world to ponder on its accomplishments in various factors. There are plenty of happenings to unfurl but only the best gets its place in the heads. And when talking about the accomplishment the first name strikes, Mohammad Amir, the biggest gun of Pakistan who drastically dismantled the most compelling Indian batting line up in the final battle. Although his endeavor in the finale didn’t get him applauded with the honor of receiving the Golden Ball but he was the one who single-handedly assassinated Indian top orders in the finale to clinch their maiden title triumph.

Amir might have started this tournament with his normal trajectory of action but his onslaught with ball from the front turned out to set this league, a lucrative venture for Pakistan cricket. His opening attack laid out the much requisite platform for his other bowling mates in this tournament and from there on wards they got to cash in wickets for them selves. Just like the way Hassan Ali spruced up himself and bagged the Golden Ball for being the highest wicket taker through out the championship. Amir’s best figure in this tournament got to be seen against the mighty defending champion India in the finale when he uprooted 3 major pivots of India’s chasing pursuit by only compromising 16 runs for his side.

His absence in the semi final didn’t really affect Pakistan as they had Raees to cover for him, who in the same manner ousted England’s solid batting line up but when it comes to outplay their arch rival India there is only one name comes in mind and that is Mohammad Amir. His fierce in bowling every time platformed his side with an additional edge exclusively in finale defending a total that was indeed huge in numbers but that too against the team who has marked the tournament on their chasing potential only, spoke about lot of courage from Amir’s end. Pakistan indeed prevailed their protracted curse by snatching the title from the holder, India but Amir with his fire in bowling made the Indian top order look vulnerable.

Kohli the no 1 ranked batsman in the world, star of chasing, the resurgent of India’s downfall appeared vulnerable in front Amir. All adjectives seemed to wear away when Kohli came into the middle to save India’s first blow. Amir on the other end was ragging on fire as he already sent Rohit Sharma back to the dug out. Kohli seemed confident but the first ball he faced was passed screaming away. The next ball he managed to pass it right to Shoaib Malik at mid off considering it to be crossing the boundary line but Malik’s interception to that thought of Kohli send him back. Then he moved outside the line of the final delivery of the over, flicked neatly and picked up two runs. The angle with what Amir was firing him was kind of enhancing the vulnerability in Kohli’s mind. Just like last year’s Asia Cup Kohli seemed on a difficult mode of his knocking balls. Following the vulnerability he finally fell into the trap of Amir but fortunately it was dropped by Azhar Ali but Amir was Rigid in his determination as in the next ball itself he pitched his ball to the same length and this time Kohli was found tangled in a awkward position hence the ball took the edge of his bat while he predetermined his flick and sailed into the safe hands of Shadab Khan at point. The Pakistan was erupted with joy as they knew the wicket of Kohli steered them ahead to lift the Championship title.

Expectations were high after Amir’s return to International Cricket and Amir through charging in Kohli in the finale prevailed all negative critics wrong and threw it on the face of World that he still possessed the sharpness in his bowling onslaught that he could easily sideline the best batsman in the world if situation fall into accurate places.

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