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Monaco GP 2019 in Doubt as Protest Looms

Monaco GP 2019 in Doubt as Protest Looms

In a spot of worrisome news, next week’s Monaco GP 2019 has hit a snag which can pose a threat to the running of the F1 GP. As it turns out, there is a union dispute involving taxi drivers. The issue stemmed from a dispute with online taxi services and it severely affected the Cannes Film Festival.

A police source admitted, “It’s always the same during the Cannes festival, the taxis line up in front of the private hire cars and it becomes a game of cat-and-mouse, it’s not a brawl but it can get really crowded and things can get out of hand.”

Traffic to and from the airport was disrupted and a female taxi driver was even knocked down. Now, latest updates state that the driver’s union are threatening to stage another blockade on Friday, which could even disrupt the Monaco GP 2019.

Afterwards, the injured driver was taken to hospital to treat her injuries, which were fortunately not serious. She told AFP that fortunately no bones were broken after she was hit by a rival working for a ride-hailing service.

Monaco GP
Monaco GP

However, she did file a complaint with police for assault, after being left “covered in bruises”.

Police were called to restore some form of decorum and maintain peace. According to the accounts of a few drivers, some travellers were forced to walk to the airport in order to avoid missing their flight.

It does not help matters that May is a busy month for Nice’s Cote d’Azur airport. The airport in Monaco normally witnesses a 15 percent increase in numbers due to the Cannes film festival and the Monaco Grand Prix, both held close to each other.

“If we do not get satisfaction, we are ready to go further,” said a driver to Nice Matin.

“If we do not have an answer by May 22, it’s simple. The 23rd is the beginning of the Monaco GP and we will block everything.”


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