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Monaco Grand Prix 2019: When Cristiano Ronaldo Met Lewis Hamilton

Monaco Grand Prix 2019: When Cristiano Ronaldo Met Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

The Monaco Grand Prix is a glamorous affair. While F1 cars roam around in the narrow lanes of Monte Carlo, you can expect the biggest names to be present there in the paddock. In the 2019 edition, the biggest name to drop by was Cristiano Ronaldo who was clicked with Lewis Hamilton.

Coming fresh from a Series A win for Juventus, the Portugal star was seen talking to Formula One’s glamor boy Lewis Hamilton and getting photos clicked. Lewis Hamilton, thanks to his ties with the Fashion industry, has always managed to get involved with every celebrity that drops by on the paddock.

Ronaldo was accompanied with his son, who Hamilton was courteous enough to entertain. The two were seen chatting around with Ronaldo’s boy even managing to sit inside Lewis’ cockpit. Lewis was further seen trying to explain to the boy something about his steering wheel from what we could make out from the video. Later, Ronaldo posted a photo with Lewis on Twitter :

Lewis Hamilton has been gaining heavy criticism for failing to fulfil media duties following the sad departure of Mercedes’ non executive chairman, Niki Lauda. People bashed him on social media asking him to speak for Lauda, remembering him, rather than hiding behind. Lewis was undeterred with that and managed to top both FP1 and FP2 showcasing how strong the Mercedes is this year.

Considering Lauda was one of the main reasons for Lewis moving to the Silver Arrows, his departure isn’t something that the five time world champion would have been able to live with. The Mercedes team gave him a fitting tribute by altering the livery for the rest of the season to commemorate the Austrian.ย 

Hamilton will be looking to set things straight on Saturday. Last year, the Mercedes were nowhere, but 2019 seems like one of their strongest years, so much so that they are dominating even the tiny cramped circuits of Monaco. Since its not a power hungry circuit, its always seen as a race for Red Bull to show their chassis’ worth. But even they couldn’t match Lewis and Mercedes’s pace on Thursday.

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