‘No more breaking rackets’- Roger Federer


Roger Federer, who is well known and revered not just in tennis, but across the entire sporting industry, has a past that very few of us know about. It’s difficult to picture Federer, as a hot head, breaking rackets and throwing tantrums, but that was what he was in his early days.


In an exclusive interview with style magazine, the Swiss maestro, recalled how he had to hire a trainer just to help him with his attitude and mental strength. ‘I used to work with a mental trainer, but that was when I was probably 16-17, because I had a bad behavior more than anything, and I am happy I was able to get away from that’, said Federer. He also added, ‘No more breaking rackets, no more complaining, no more commentating my own points at each time. 


Federer also spoke about the impact his fans and followers had in his professional career, and the importance of playing for the fans as well.  ‘Fans were very important throughout my career, everywhere I go they give me the feeling of being at home, they help me through difficult defeats, they‘re one of the reasons I‘m still playing’, said Federer. 

‘Without them I‘d have probably ran away 6 years ago’, he said.


Federer also said that it was paramount in his career, that he was able to capitalize and learn from his mistakes, which most of the players find it difficult to do. ‘But at the end of the day, was myself who had to convince myself of changing and I was only able to change that when I was about 20′, said the humble genius.

 ‘I think it’s important to learn from mistakes and losses because you usually learn more there than from wins. Natural’, he added.

Federer, who was stunned by Kevin Anderson at the Wimbledon earlier this year, after being two sets to love up, has announced his withdrawal from Rogers Cup, in a bid to stay fit for the rest of the season.


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