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More Than a Million Tune in to Watch ‘The Valorant’ Closed Beta

More Than a Million Tune in to Watch ‘The Valorant’ Closed Beta

Riot Games’ anticipated video game, Valorant, is still some time away from an official launch. However, the closed beta version has dropped, to much fanfare. Apparently, more than 1.2 million players tuned in to watch the maiden Valorant streams on Twitch.

Obviously, some viewers are tuning into their favorite gamers’ Twitch streams. Meanwhile, the rest are hoping to access the closed beta.

Whatever the case, Riot Games is treating this as a massive launch day. The company has a reputation to maintain, having come out with titles like League of Legends. After a fierce tussle with Valve’s DOTA, their new target is Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Valorant is considered an interpretation of CS:GO’s FPS fundamentals. Meanwhile, the characters may resemble League champions owing to their ability line-up and ultimates.

This closed beta is a big deal for Riot, who relied on League of Legend’s success for a very long time. Hopefully for their sake, Valorant proves that they are not a one-series wonder. Of course, with all the hype surrounding the game, what else is Riot working on, aside from new champions and tweaks to the game?

Admittedly, the developer is working on other titles, however Valorant is the highest profile game. The FPS shooter game is aiming to become the game that herald’s Riot Games‘ intention of mixing it up with the big boys.

Why is The Valorant so important?

The video game is gunning for the title of top-tier esport with its focus on competitive play. The developers will be glad to learn that they are already making waves in the gaming community. It has got to a stage where players are torn between becoming huge fans and considering it to be too niche.

However, with all this development and the popularity of CS:GO, The Valorant has the potential to become a giant-killer.

The bad news is that the closed beta hit a technical snag. So, the company chose to temporarily pause access until they get to the bottom of the issue. Luckily, players are still eligible and can continue watching, though actual distribution will begin once a permanent solution is found.

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