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“More to F1’s Future Than Just Me and Leclerc” : Max Verstappen

“More to F1’s Future Than Just Me and Leclerc” : Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are largely seen as the heralds of the future of Formula One. However, the Dutchman is of the opinion that there are other drivers on the grid who are just as capable. He believes that a few of the younger drivers could be potential world champions.

The 2019 season has been incredible for Leclerc in his maiden campaign with Ferrari. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen continues to stamp his authority as one of the fastest drivers on the grid. Both Verstappen and Leclerc have been involved in a few entertaining duels in 2019, with their rivalry ripe. However, the Red Bull driver has named others who are capable of glory in the near future.

“I think it’s not just about Charles and me, there are a few good ones,” he told Sport Bild. Lando Norris is very talented, he is really good. Maybe George Russell but hard to judge in Williams.

“At the end of the day, several of this generation will fight for the title when the elders quit.”

With 2021 also approaching, along with the subject of contract, Max Verstappen was subtly asked about his future, masked as his favourite colour.

“Blue,” he responded, speaking about what colour he would paint his living room. “That’s my favourite color.”

If that was unavailable, he said, “Then I would take silver. But that has nothing to do with Mercedes or Ferrari, silver just looks better on a wall than red. I know the rumours and the speculation, but they really don’t affect me at all.”

“I know what I have to do at the end of the day: I have to drive as fast as I can. That’s what I enjoy. Whatever comes from the outside, nothing bothers me.”

Verstappen is now looking forward to the season finale in Abu Dhabi and ending the 2019 season on a high note.


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