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Remarkable Moments from Michael Schumacher’s career

Remarkable Moments from Michael Schumacher’s career

The person who gave Formula 1 a new identity, the name which is included in the greatest of them all, the individual who is considered an era in Formula 1, Michael Schumacher. On the day of his 49th birthday, let us look at some of the best moments in Michael Schumacher’s career.

Key Moments in Michael Schumacher’s Career


What is your favorite memory of Michael Schumacher?

Qualifying lap at his first grand prix: Belgium Grand Prix, 1991
Victory after his mother’s death: Imola, 2003
First championship with Ferrari: Japan 2000
First victory for Ferrari: Spain 1996
Pole position: Monaco 2012
Breakdown at the press conference after equaling Senna’s record of 41 wins
Fightback of Hungary 1998
Pit fight with David Coulthard: Spa 1998
First Grand Prix win: Spa 1992


1. The beginning of an era: Qualifying lap at his debut race

It was the 1991 season and the championship fight was ever so close between Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna. Heading into the 11th race of the season, Jordan driver Bertrand Gachot was imprisoned and hence out of contention to race. The team decided to test a 22 year old German known for his good performances in Formula 3. That German was none other than our very own Michael Schumacher.

On August 25th, 1991, Michael Schumacher entered the sport as a substitute driver for Jordan. Nobody knew that he would end up leaving a legacy far greater than anybody else in the history, and quite possibly the future, of the sport. The dawn of Michael Schumacher’s career has Bertrand Gachot to thank.

Schumacher with Eddie Jordan in Belgium. Courtesy: skysports

He became the talk of the paddock from the first few sessions itself. He had never driven on the circuit before. Spa is one of the most challenging circuits, thanks to fast paced corners and elevation changes. The team and Schumacher himself knew that his first objective was to finish the race. Before the start of the Friday session, Schumacher took his cycle and did a lap around the circuit. This was the only bit he had gone around Spa before sitting at the back of the Formula One car later.

In Qualifying, everyone saw the arrival of a great champion to be. Despite his meager experience, he ended up 7th on the grid, which was a remarkable achievement nonetheless!

He was a bit unfortunate in the race though as he failed to finish even one lap of the race owing to clutch issues with the car.

Schumacher before the start of the race. Credits: tumblr
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