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Mother Suggests that 2020 Could be the Last Year in Formula One for Kimi Raikkonen

Mother Suggests that 2020 Could be the Last Year in Formula One for Kimi Raikkonen

In September, Ilta-Sanomat reported that Kimi Raikkonen financially supported a new short film by filmmaker Pauli Pietilä and Eemeli Kelokorve. It also transpired that the 2007 world champion’s mother, Paula Räikkönen, was also involved in he project.

Furthermore, the Kimi Raikkonen family has a connection to the film, as they are related to Pauli Pietilä.

Recently, Paula Räikkönen opened up on the family’s private life to Ilta-Sanomat. She admitted that she is looking forward to following her grandchildren and relatives’ lives. She is genuinely happy to be able to contribute to the dream of the next generation with her own little effort.

The mother of Kimi Raikkonen spoke about her loved ones, and is particularly interested in her own children and grandchildren. Paula Raikkonen says she is happy for all of them.

The Alfa Romeo driver has his wife Minttu and children, Rianna and Robin, his brother, Rami and his wife Kristiina have two teenage sons Tiitus and Justus. The whole family of sportspersons regard themselves as a close community and are always in touch.

Although Rami’s boys are already 15 and 14, the family often meet and go out to dinner, she divulged.

Paula admits that she sees less of Kimi and his family as they live in Switzerland. Luckily, phones and Skype connections work. However, Paula insists she can fly to Switzerland at any time to spend time with Kim’s family.

Now, Paula has said that she is looking forward to the end of 2020 with interest and spending more time with Kimi.

She said, “I expect next year to be Kimi’s last in formulas. My life has already for years been a mere scheduling, because I have looked at all the F1 exercises, time trials and Championships. Could be a little more relaxed in 2021.’

Kimi’s brother Rami has long since retired from the rally scen and focused on his son Tiitus and his motocross hobby. However, the older of the boys, Justus is involved in cheerleading and competing in sport.

Kimi Raikkonen often spends his free time with his family. Nowadays, he is a happy family man, who also guides his son, Robin quite a bit in his go-karting hobby.

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