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Move Over Brian Tyler, the New F1 Theme is Here

Move Over Brian Tyler, the New F1 Theme is Here

Earlier today, Formula One released a teaser for a brand new F1 theme. Back in 2018, Brian Tyler released a theme which heralded a new era in Formula One. He employed the aid of an entire orchestra including cellos, drums, violins, trumpets and many other instruments.

However, this time, F1 seems to have gone down the electronic route. Electronic music act The Chemical Brothers is set to become Formula One’s “new global sonic identity” as they call it.

Although it was just a three second teaser, it likely sets the tone for what is to come. This sound blends a track called ‘We’ve Got to Try’ from an upcoming album ‘No Geography’.

The real question is, will The Chemical Brothers track replace the Brian Tyler theme? According to a Formula One statement, the group “transformed a brand-new track into the iconic sound of an F1 car roaring past at high speed”.

Needless to say, most of the fans were rather miffed as the Brian Tyler theme grew on everyone.

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