MrBeast Challenges Creators to a Game of Chess, Magnus Carlsen Ups the Ante

December 1, 2020 9:08 pm

MrBeast is one of the most beloved YouTubers in the industry right now. The community knows him for his notorious challenges and for his love of walking down the roads less traveled.

Seems like MrBeast is up to yet another challenge, according to a recent Twitter post. He posted on Twitter, updating the community on his recent shenanigans. He admitted he learned how to play chess recently, and how he’s already addicted.

Through this Twitter update, he also sent a challenge to other content creators. He got an overwhelming response almost immediately, with heaps of creators getting in line to get a bite at the scrumptious apple.

The first in line were YouTubers like Callux and Landon and the American chess player Hikaru Nakamura, who signed with TSM back in August.

In an exciting turn of events, Norwegian Chess Grandmaster and World Champion Magnus Carlsen challenged him to a game worth $100,000!

Will MrBeast take up the challenge?

MrBeast quoted a challenge on Twitter but might not have been expecting such an overwhelming response. Popular Fortnite and Roblox streamer Landon, not only accepted his challenge but also shared a clip of him playing chess at a New Year’s party.

Hikaru Nakamura, a 5-time United States champion and the youngest American Grandmaster, has over 617k followers on Twitch and wouldn’t blink twice before taking up the challenge.

Yet another popular streamer responded to the challenge. LazarBeam revealed he is an ardent follower of a newly released Netflix TV series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and is therefore ready for the challenge.

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This list doesn’t end here. The most notable name on the list was undoubtedly the World number 1, Magnus Carlsen. The World Chess Champion not only accepted the challenge but also added $100,000 as stakes.

While MrBeast loves a challenge but it’s safe to say going up against Magnus in chess even with a handicap will be too much for him. One of the greatest ever to grace the game of chess, the Norwegian sure is a good sport and might just chip in and help Jimmy with his charitable endeavors.

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