MrBeast Joins Elite YouTube Club After Reaching a Glorious Milestone

November 16, 2020 6:19 pm

Philanthropist YouTuber MrBeast has been on a roll for a couple of years now. His fans know him for the special kinds of videos where he offers insanely enormous sums of prize-money for completing ludicrous challenges. Moreover, he also goes wild while donating to fans and random people.

Who wouldn’t want a bunch of free PS4s or an island to themselves? This is a huge part of why so many people watch his videos. Thanks to them, MrBeast has become one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube. He has been crossing various milestones in recent times and with 46.3M subscribers as of now, he has added another one to his belt.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jimmy recently surpassed the world’s population with the total number of views on his videos. The YouTuber’s main channel has 7,835,227,782 views, which just about shades the current world population which is at 7,825,625,395, approximately.

With this, MrBeast has become the 242nd channel to achieve this feat.

A list of milestones achieved by MrBeast

In a YouTube career spanning over 8 years, MrBeast has managed to get together a long list of achievements. He started at the young age of 14 with just a few thousand subscribers in the initial years. Once his channel took off, however, there was no stopping him.

MrBeast has done some crazy things for his videos. He once adopted every dog in an animal shelter. He also ran a marathon in the world’s largest shoes. The complete list of the most striking achievements is also available on his channel.

Here is a highlight of the channel:

  • Raised $20,000,000 To Plant 20,000,000 Trees
  • Given millions to charity
  • Donated over 100 cars
  • Gave away a private island
  • Given away over 100 ps4s
  • Gave away 1 million dollars in one video
  • Counted to 100k
  • Read the Dictionary
  • Watched Dance Till You’re Dead For 10 Hours
  • Read Bee Movie Script
  • Read Longest English Word
  • Watched Paint Dry
  • Ubering Across America
  • Watched It’s Every Day Bro For 10 Hours

Apart from all of this, MrBeast has various other channels, including a gaming channel where he recently streamed Among Us with fellow YouTubers and Twitch streamers. These included the likes of PewDiePie, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Jacksepticeye and many more.

MrBeast’s channel is growing at a constant rate, and therefore he still has many more records to break.

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