MrBeast Proposes a Real-Life Battle Royale

September 7, 2020 2:32 am

Popular YouTuber, MrBeast is known for his over-the-top videos and antics. He has a reputation for doing things differently and manages to amaze his fans every single time. His ideas are absolutely unique and everybody enjoys seeing them play out on screen. In fact, his latest idea for a video will leave fans amazed and wondering if he can actually pull off what he has in mind.

MrBeast wants a ‘YouTuber Battle Royale’

MrBeast shared his thoughts on Twitter where he said “(Brainstorming ideas) What if we put 100 small Youtubers on a giant private island and did a battle royal of some sort? Last remaining hypothetically gets a shout out lol”

As crazy as this sounds by itself, MrBeast went on to say, “Or we do it with big Youtubers for 10 million dollars and the winner has to give the money to their subscribers. Idk but giant epic battle royal on a private island sounds dope”

While the idea is incredible, it seems to have stemmed from the 2007 movie “The Condenmed”. The movie had former WWE star Steve Austin as the protagonist. The plot was that 10 criminals (with Austin being the only good guy) were left on an island to fend for themselves. They had to survive whilst trying to eliminate the others and the last person standing got their freedom.

Of course, MrBeast’s idea won’t involve such violence (or will it?) but this is definitely exciting. There are so many avenues to explore here, and the possibilities are endless. Given the fact that it is MrBeast who has proposed the idea, he could definitely turn it into a reality.

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He can pull this off because he makes a living off such crazy ideas. Almost two years ago, he donated around $50,000 to Ninja during his live stream. Almost a month ago, he bought an island worth $800,000 and took a couple of people on it. There, he had a series of challenges for them, and the winner got the entire island! His most recent act of kindness involved getting a small-time YouTuber to one million subscribers in 24 hours, something he succeeded at.

This is just a small glimpse of what he can do, and the future possibilities are endless. The global pandemic will definitely prove to be a roadblock in this mission. But if they follow safety norms correctly, fans could definitely have a ‘YouTuber Royale’ soon.

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