MS Dhoni Can Get Back to the Auction Pool for IPL 2021: Reports

November 27, 2019 4:03 pm

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is reported to continue playing at least till the IPL 2021, and that he can go back into the auction pool for the 2021 edition of the tournament. As per the Times of India (TOI), Dhoni is willing to go back to the auction pool so that his current IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK) can buy him at a lower price.

“There will be a big auction before the 2021 IPL and Dhoni has told us that he will play the tournament. So, there’s no question of his retirement from the T20 version anytime soon,” a CSK source told TOI.

IPL teams can now use right to match cards to take any of the players released by them that will allow them to take the player for the highest bid in the aution.

“He said he can go back to the auction pool,” the source further said. “That will give CSK the option of using the right-to-match card to pick him, maybe for a lower price. Being the captain that he is, Dhoni is ready to sacrifice money for CSK.”

Dhoni is yet to play competitive cricket since the World Cup earlier this year. He was also omitted from the squad for the upcoming West Indies series. If he does wish to get back into the scheme of things, IPL seems to be a good route. Indian team’s coach had also suggested that Dhoni’s return could depend on the IPL.

“It all depends on when he starts playing and how he is playing during the IPL,” Shastri had said. “What are the other people doing with the wicket-keeping gloves or what is the form of those players as opposed to Dhoni’s form. The IPL becomes a massive tournament because that could be the last tournament after which more or less your 15 is decided.”

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