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MS Dhoni’s Wife, Sakshi Dhoni Reacts to His Retirement Speculation

MS Dhoni’s Wife, Sakshi Dhoni Reacts to His Retirement Speculation

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni‘s wife, Sakshi Dhoni seemed to lash out the speculation around the retirement of the fromer Indian captain.

“Its called rumours,” she tweeted amidst all the uproar in social media about Dhoni’s retirement. Though the tweet was without any context, it is understood that it is with reference to her husband’s retirement from cricket, as it is the only thing that seems relevant to the tweet.

The social media was set alight with speculations of Dhoni’s retirement after a post by Virat Kohli. The Indian captain posted a still from the match against Australia in the 2016 World T20, where the duo would win the game for the country.

A game I can never forget. Special night. This man, made me run like in a fitness test @msdhoni.,” the caption to the photo read.

It was enough for the social media generation to read into. It immediately took people into believing that it was something of a tribute message from the captain to former captain.

After a few hours of confusion, Sakshi Dhoni’s tweet seems to clear things a little. Though Mrs. Dhoni did not mention anything about retirement, it should be a safe bet to assume “rumours” refers to the retirement rumours.

Talks about Dhoni’s retirement have been running since before the start of the World Cup earlier this year. Dhoni, the winner of an ODI World Cup and a T20 World Cup, was expected to retire after the marquee tournament, and it was accepted as a befitting stage for a man with such achievements to retire. But things changed when India crashed out of the tournament in the semi-finals and there was no news about Dhoni’s retirement.

He opted out of India’s next cricketing consignment in West Indies, and joined the army consignment. He also made himself unavailable from the upcoming three T20Is against South Africa.

BCCI sources close to India Today told that they had no intimation of Dhoni’s retirement. They also claimed that he is currently in the United States and is scheduled to be back on September 16.

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