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MSN: Best Trio Ever? A Comparative Analysis

MSN: Best Trio Ever? A Comparative Analysis

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Is ‘MSN’ the best attacking trio ever? Well, these next few players might just disagree! Throughout history, football has seen some brilliant partnerships. Are MSN right up there with them or is it too early to say? Find out for yourself!

What forms a great partnership?

Is it the chemistry partners share? Or perhaps the answer is more result oriented with the number of medals the deciding factor? The depth of understanding of each other’s game-play among the members of a partnership certainly is a contributing factor. The accolades the team receives as a direct consequence of the partnership also cannot be discarded.

Some middle ground is required here as both possibilities carry equal weightage. The Barcelona attacking trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr. is being heralded as the best attacking partnership the world has seen. They undoubtedly share great on-field chemistry. The ‘MSN’ trio has also got the required results, scoring over 120 goals collectively this season. Barcelona have already won the La Liga and the Copa del Ray. With the UEFA Champions League Final fast approaching, questions are being raised about how the MSN trio compares with some of the greatest attacking trios ever seen.

To attempt to compare attacking trios across generations is an ill-advised task. Times change, the game evolves along with the incentive to play football. The involvement of the coaching staff has also increased over the years with development in technology contributing to increased scrutiny and analysis of game-plays, thus enabling footballers to play better football. However, if a comparison has to be made, it becomes necessary to identify the greatest attacking trios the world has ever seen and rationalize whether MSN falls into that bracket. Yet.

So, sit back and read as Essentially Sports’ brings you the list of the best attacking trios to ever grace the game and  for the question of whether MSN are up there with them, You be the Judge!

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