Muguruza: “I think the more tennis we see is good”


The two-time Grand Slam champion who defeat Serena and Venus in both her major finals, Garbine Muguruza talks about the expansion of the popularity of the sport. She believes that the television broadcasters must focus more on screening women’s matches. As the Hong Kong Open is happening, post-match she spoke on the behalf of the female players’ families. Muguruza said, “I think it’s great, I think the more tennis we see is good. Sometimes I feel that (television) plays more men’s matches, not only in the United States but also in other countries, in Spain as well, and people need to see (women’s tennis) in order to have their daughters play. Just to see it on TV helps people to realise there is also a women’s side”.

Muguruza received treatment at Brisbane International

The issue is not only concerned with the families. By airing matches on the television, but it would also spread awareness the society regarding female sports. Many kids get inspired to pick up racquets by seeing the matches on television. Broadcasting women’s matches would encourage young girls to start playing sports. Muguruza also spoke about her season so far, she said, “I’ve had a few injuries but every year you have something. I just think I’ve played a lot of matches that didn’t go my way, I’ve struggled in a few events and I couldn’t find the right quality of the game to beat these opponents — and I’m still searching for it.”

Muguruza in Hong Kong

She also mentioned her competency in the sport. As the reigning US Open champ, Naomi Osaka withdrew. Muguruza was asked about how her absence would affect her performance in Hong Kong. She said, “There is a very good player who’s not going to play but I don’t think I have more chances now than before — there is a very tough draw. I have no expectation. I’m just trying to finish (the season) well.”


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