Mumbai Indians’ players spill their superstitious secrets

May 10, 2017 1:37 am

Superstition and sport often go hand in hand and the Mumbai Indians team is no exception. In a video posted on the official Instagram account of the Mumbai Indians team, several players revealed that many team members stick to a particular seat on the team bus. While the youngsters occupy any seat that is left, most of the senior players that have been playing for the team for a number of years have a set spot on the tour bus. While people may call it superstitious, Kieron Pollard finds it being consistent during a frenzy paced tournament.

This is not the first instance of the team being superstitious to be reported.  According to past reports, in the 2011 season the franchise owners were involved in various team activities to be performed a certain way in order to bring luck. The dressing rooms in the Wankhede Stadium were swapped and the room numbers of the players in the team hotel was allotted according to numerology.

The younger players that have joined the team in the recent past, too follow certain things that can be seen as superstitious. Jos Buttler has revealed that he avoids eating onion rings on the day of a match. Nitish Rana who is having a great tournament prefers to walk only on the left side of the non-striker. Rohit Sharma has been reported to say that he sometimes prefers wearing the same jersey in which he had performed well in the previous matches.

Mumbai Indians are sitting on the top of the table after playing 12 matches and look good to seal one of the top two spots for the play-offs. It is difficult to say that it is the result of all these rituals being followed since years given the stellar all-round team performances they have put in this season.

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