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Murray – The man to beat this Wimbledon

Murray – The man to beat this Wimbledon

Andy Murray has played under tremendous amount of pressure during his entire career. While Britain wanted another champion after Fred Perry; Murray ended up on the losing side in all of his first three slam finals. After famously breaking down in the final ceremony at Wimbledon three years back, he went on to win his first major few months later. Something that also happened with the great Federer; who after his 2009 heartbreak to Nadal down under, clinched his first Roland Garros. Tears can do wonders, perhaps they’re customary mojo!

He was once considered the weakest amongst the elite of the game and the sheer cause of the debate whether tennis really has a Big 4 club or just Big 3. In the past 3 years, Muzza has cleared all the smoke hovering over his place in the game. He now stands as the hot favorite at his dream slam. In 2013, he incarnated the superman who powered him to his first Wimbledon. But in 2015, if Murray just brings out his best, it would almost suffice his dream for a second title as he has improved so much lately.


The biggest hurdles in his path are obviously Novak Djokovic and a spirited Federer. For his other potential opponents, Murray has plenty in his arsenal to dismantle them. If things turn out as expected, he would have to face them both in the semis and the final to reclaim his title- a mouthwatering prospect.

It should be a cakewalk for the Scott in the first week and looking at his form this year a semi-final spot looks booked. And many would pick him over Federer if they meet in the semis. Perhaps Novak would enter with his nose ahead against him, but there’s hardly anyone who’d risk his money betting against Andy. A repeat of 2013 could come as no surprise!

Edited by Shivang Aggarwal

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