Muselk Discusses Fortnite Update Delay and Click House Break-Up

August 11, 2020 11:16 pm

One of the most popular online gaming talk-shows ever- The Courage and Nadeshot show hosted Muselk in their last episode. Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins is an Australian Youtuber and Fortnite content creator. He has over 9.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 3 billion views across his YouTube channels. During his intro on the show, Nadeshot claims Muselk has more views than him and Courage combined.

During the show, all three of them covered very interesting talking points. Muselk is one of the biggest Fortnite influencers out there. He rose to popularity by live commentating his gameplay on Team Fortress 2. Apart from his Youtube earnings, Muselk is also the owner of a company called Click Management.

Fortnite Update Delay

Fortnite is clearly having some problems lately. That is no secret. The new season came out and people are already bored with the new locations. On top of that, hackers and cheaters are flooding the game. The situation is so bad that a cheater live-streamed himself hacking his way through FNCS.

The ‘cars’ update is now out but only after a long delay. In the video, Courage gives Fortnite a thumbs up for being the frontrunner in Battle Royale gaming. He says,

“At this point, if there is something good in gaming, that has been recently changed, it is probably due to what Fortnite has done.” 

He is not wrong. One of the earliest Battle Royale games to take the market by storm, Fortnite paved the way for many stipulated inclusions in games. Battle Pass, cross-gen, crossplay, everything has been first touched upon by Fortnite.

The point of controversy they discuss is why Fortnite delays updates to clash with other games? The delayed car update was announced exactly at the time Warzone updated to Season 5. Nadeshot brings up how Fortnite did the same thing with Apex Legends when it was fairly new and people started playing it a lot.

Fortnite launched ‘creator codes’ to have players and influencers play the game more. Fortnite pulling off a cheap shot again, this time with Warzone? As Nadeshot puts it, “It just can’t be a coincidence at this point!

I think Muselk agrees,

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Muselk on Click House Breaking Up

Muselk explains the recent flare-up that Click House, in Australia, garnered, as reports came in that it was breaking up. Elliott started the Click Management company two years ago with his manager. His sister is currently the CEO. The Click House came into existence much later in 2019. It housed a bunch of YouTubers who wanted to live and create content together.

It included LazarBeam, BazzaGazza, Crayator, Loserfruit, MrFreshAsian, and MullyVR, among others. Sadly, they recently broke up. Loserfruit even posted on her YouTube why she was leaving Click. Muselk explains in the show why things went haywire in the Click House.

“It got to a point where everyone lost a bit of that excitement for making the content. Also, we had a couple of people move into the States and Covid-19 happened which makes it even harder to film. It was a bit of like death by a thousand cuts.”

Watch the episode below.

Source- YouTube/100Thieves

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