“My Motivation Today Is Not Tennis” – Rafael Nadal

June 7, 2020 7:00 pm

It’s difficult for a tennis player to remain motivated during these tough times. There’s no update yet on when the season might start. However, world number 2 Rafael Nadal had some ideas on how you can keep yourself motivated.

This year is a very crucial one for Rafa. He had the golden opportunity of overtaking his arch-rival Roger Federer in the grand slam race. As per the recent form, he had a great chance of winning Roland Garros and was also a top contender at the US Open.

This would have finally allowed him to get to the magical figure of 21 and lay the GOAT debate to rest. However, fate had other plans and Federer will keep his records for longer. Rafael Nadal reveals what his source of motivation is in this scenario.

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How does Rafael Nadal keep himself motivated?

Rafael Nadal revealed that his source of motivation is away from tennis right now. He is primarily focused on helping people around him while on a personal level he wants to get into better shape.

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“My motivation today is not thinking about tennis all the time honestly, no? I am on other things. It’s following all the worldwide situation. Of course, putting attention on try to hold my body in good shape. That’s it. I just prepare my body when we have a calendar. I need the body ready to start the real work. That’s the motivation today. It’s a tough period of time. Just come back to the not normal life yet, but coming back to this normal situation. Happy to be able to stay some moments with the friends, some moments with the family. That’s the main thing for me today.”

Any aspiring tennis player needs to learn from Rafael Nadal. Even when you can’t actively play the game, there are still smaller goals that you can achieve. That’s exactly what Rafael Nadal is focused on at the moment.

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