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Myles Jack Thrown Out of Game for Punching Opponent

Myles Jack Thrown Out of Game for Punching Opponent

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack was ejected in the second quarter of Sunday’s game for throwing a punch at Kansas City Chiefs receiver Demarcus Robinson.

It appeared Jack also went after an NFL official while being restrained by a teammate. Teammates and coaches held back Jack as he walked off the field following the ejection.

The game also saw new Jacksonville quarterback Nick Foles and Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill leave the game with shoulder injuries. Both were declared out for the game.


This actually comes as a big blow especially after losing new quarterback Nick Foles to a shoulder injury.

It appeared Jack wasn’t happy with some Chiefs player and also wasn’t happy with being ejected as he threw a tantrum before being led off the field by Jaguars personnel.

Jack last week agreed to a four-year, $57 million contract extension, and the 24-year-old put NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport on blast after Rapoport reported the deal.

“Bro it’s been 4 years you gotta get that hate out of your heart. Just let Adam Schefter report on me for the rest of my career please and thank you Doctor Rapoport,” Jack wrote in response to Rapoport’s original message, which noted Jack is “the highest paid [linebacker] without reaching a Pro Bowl.”

Jack initially got into it with Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins. Demarcus Robinson came to Watkins’ defense, and Jack responded by punching Robinson in the helmet. Jack threw the punch in front of a ref, who immediately threw a flag. The Chiefs eventually won the contest, 40-26.


Jack, who has emerged as one of the Jaguars’ key defensive players over the past three months, signed a four year, $57 million extension with the team in August.

Najee Goode replaced Jack at linebacker. Jack recorded two tackles before his early exit.

Jones drove Foles into the ground after the gunslinger released the ball on a 35-yard touchdown strike to receiver DJ Chark.

The Jaguars announced Foles would not return to the game.

“I have to apologize to my team and the city of Jacksonville because that is not how we conduct ourselves in any way.” Jack emphasized. “I just felt like that play was not a football play,”

“I felt like it was a pass play and the receiver did not run the route. I felt like he smashed right into me underneath my chin and tackled me and got up and said some words to me, so I kind of pushed him and I got attacked from the back. At that point, I felt like we were not playing football anymore but that is no excuse for my actions. Looking back, it was an idiotic move for me to do that because you do not get points for that. I’m a captain now and the team just extended me (his contract), so I have to do better for me and my team.”

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