Mythic Weapons Dominating The Meta In Fortnite

September 22, 2020 11:15 pm

Fortnite battle royale has changed a lot with the latest updates. Epic has designed Season 4 to give players a Marvel-ous experience. This has now turned into a whole new dynamic that allows players to be much more aggressive with their plays. The inclusion of the latest abilities has facilitated this new meta. 

(Image Courtesy – Fortnite YouTube)

To some players, especially content creators, this new paradigm shift has reinvigorated the game. On the flip side, for several professional players, the game is not the same anymore. The inclusion of such mythic abilities has turned Fortnite into more of an ability-based game than a skill-based one. Whoever has a mythic weapon definitely stands with an advantage over others. 

SypherPK and Ninja demonstrated this through their recent gameplay. Carrying weapons like Thor’s Hammer or Iron Man’s Unibeam, or the Repulsor Gauntlets can be game-changing. After Epic had initially released them, the community had no idea how potent they would be.

Ninja and SypherPK demonstrate the best mythic combo in Fortnite

(Image Courtesy – Fortnite YouTube)

Mythic weapons like Silver Surfer’s Surf Board and Groot’s Bramble Shield are mainly used for locomotion. They cover a lot of distance, and thus their utility has to do with mobility. However, Iron Man, Dr Doom and Thor’s mythic weapons have the ability to wreak havoc. When they are controlled by players who are naturally aggressive, opponents have to watch out.

Sypher and Ninja displayed how to time it right with the Iron Man Unibeam, Iron Man Repulsor Gauntlet, and Thor’s Hammer. These weapons offer an immense tactical advantage that goes beyond the quintessential building concept in Fortnite. They break through these builds to bring out players.

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Is the weapons meta going to see a shift?

(Image Courtesy – Fortnite YouTube)

Securing a win following the addition of these mythic elements has become a challenge. Firstly, all the POIs are now heavily contested for. Secondly, new players need a lot of practice to get used to this dynamic. 

It is perhaps logical to predict that the weapons meta will see a significant shift soon in Fortnite battle royale. 

With all the mythics in the game, Epic Games might add a little more juice to the guns. This will balance the game immensely and might normalize combating mythic weapons.

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