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Nadal realizes he is getting old: Carlos Moya

Nadal realizes he is getting old: Carlos Moya


Rafael Nadal is back to where he has been the most successful so far: the clay court. The clay court season begins with the Monte-Carlo Masters where Nadal is returning after a three month absence.

He returned to play Davis Cup for Spain against Germany. He looked fit and fine and led his team to success. Carlos Moya went on to say that his effect on the team is very much to what Messi has on Barcelona.

Last year, Nadal dominated the entire clay season winning his 10th title at French Open, Monte-Carlo and Barcelona. While he looks to defend over 4000 points over the next couple of months, Moya reckons that Nadal might be fit, but still not at the same confidence level as before – “Rafa has been more inactive, with fewer games than last year and a little less confidence because he is the type of player who thinks he has to play a lot of games to get right for the big moment,” 

“I believe a tennis player of his quality depends less on that and more on being without physical issues. It looks positive and if he doesn’t have a physical problem he will have a great season.”

Moya further shed light that apart from improving Nadal’s confidence, he is also working on which tournaments he has to play. Commenting on this, he said, “He wants to play in everything, to always be available. But he is realising that he is getting older and the kilometres and matches are piling up. He can see it. I, as a player, was also like that. Now I’m not, and I have to make him see that it can be worthwhile to not play so much and extend [his career] a little more.”

“He is doing well, but what he does not take well are the injuries, which hurt more than the defeats.”


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