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Nani to complete his move to Turkish giant Fenerbahce?

Nani to complete his move to Turkish giant Fenerbahce?

Nani to move from Sporting Lisbon

Manchester United winger, and a loanee last season to his home club Sporting Lisbon, has been linked with the Turkish giants Fenerbahce, one of the three bigger teams of the Turkish league.

Reports say the move will cost them around £6 to £7 million. The 28 year old’s  Portuguese teammate, Manuel Fernandes believes that the winger has already made up his choice. The deal would probably be penned down 4 year long, with around £55,000 per week wages, which is half of what the Premier League team offer him at the moment.

Fernandes told the Turkish TV , LigTV, that he had already started asking questions about Istanbul. He said “I explained to him the pros and cons about moving to Istanbul. He has already made up his mind, however, it is up to him to unveil his next step.”, according to Express UK.

Nani had preferred a loan to his boyhood club, as he wasn’t getting enough first team play in the 2013-14 season, when David Moyes was the manager. With Manchester United’s plans of increasing their playable workforce, this may very well be an intelligent move for the Portuguese national, as the  chances of a fixed playing spot for the Reds would be little.    

Nani is, though, not the only player linked to a move to the land of two continents. The Red’s star striker Robin van Persie is also rumoured to be moving to the Turkish team, in search of regular playing options. He believes that he still has enough ambition to last him 8 more years. He said “Things could change now, but that all depends on Manchester United not me. Believe me, I’m relaxed – I’m not going to be part of a puppet show.”

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