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Naomi Osaka Makes Social Media Abuse Public

Naomi Osaka Makes Social Media Abuse Public

Naomi Osaka became a global superstar after her exploits in the sport of tennis. She won many accolades and plaudits for the way she rose to the top, at such a young age too. For outsiders, it may seem like hard-work is the only difficult aspect of the lives of Osaka and other athletes.

But that is far from the truth.

Naomi Osaka gives us a glimpse

The modern age of social media and connectivity has given us all many advantages and joys. in terms of sports, it has enabled the athletes to better connect to their fans and vice-versa. We now get a glimpse into the lives of our favourite players every now and then.

Angelique Kerber
Naomi Osaka

Unfortunately, though, there are certain negative aspects that come along with the positives. This channel or medium of connection is also misused by many fans to harass and abuse athletes.

While true fans will never dump their insecurities and hate on the player they support, there are always vile creatures around who do.

I hurt too when my player or team loses a match. And yes, sometimes it makes me mad, but I don’t go and abuse that player or team. i support them because I love them, I have connection with them. I cannot tarnish that bond with abuse.

But then again, it isn’t always a bad result that leads to an athlete being harassed. Naomi Osaka, for instance, had to deal with a but of nuisance around Valentine’s Day.

A “fan” sent Naomi a direct message on Instagram, asking her to text his friend since the friend felt a spiritual connection with her. He later asked her to be that friend’s Valentine as well.

When Osaka posted a short video of her and her partner, the same guy once again messaged her with an undue sense of entitlement.

While this instance may seem a bit funny given the juvenile behavior of the culprit, it is no laughing matter really.

Of course, Naomi Osaka is way too smart to bother with such people, but surely this must get cumbersome. Especially if you consider the sheer amount of such messages and harassment she must get on a daily basis.

Check out any athletes social media pages, and you are sure to find loads of abuse against the player. People who bet on sports and lose, often start a tirade of abuse against them.

It is vital that fans understand that athletes are humans too and it is not alright to harass them.

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