Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka, has been the most talked about WTA star in 2018, for all the right reasons. The young Japanese has won over many fans with her display of tennis as well as character. After winning her maiden slam at the flushing meadows, Naomi Osaka looked weary and tired at the WTA Finals. However, she is back with a an aura of freshness that she is very well known for.

“I feel like the off season for me has been very long, and personally I really love playing tournaments, and especially Australia,” said Naomi Osaka in an interview at the WTA All Access Hour. “So I’m really happy to be back”, added the Japanese who is sitting on the world number five ranking in the WTA rankings.

“My goals I think are the same as last year”, she continued. “I have more confidence now, going into this year, of course I want to do well at every tournament I play and hopefully win.”

Naomi Osaka

“But I think the mindset I had towards the end of the year helped me more, which was just to have fun and try the best that I can in every match. So I’m just going to stick to that”, she added.

“Sort of, but at the same time, not really”, said Osaka when asked if she has any new resolutions planned for the new year. ” I mean for me, I just want to be happy.I think that people that are positive attract a lot of good energy, so I’m just hoping to be that person and to spread a lot of good vibes on and off the court”, she said.


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