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Naomi Osaka Tops Serena Williams to Become the Highest-Paid Female Athlete

Naomi Osaka Tops Serena Williams to Become the Highest-Paid Female Athlete

Back in 2018, we saw Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams at the US Open. That was definitely not her favorite victory as the match was a very controversial one. Now in 2020, the Japanese star has beaten the American in a different game which is a victory she will be happy about. And in the process, she has set a new record. Check it out.

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Naomi Osaka Sets A New Record

While tennis is an extremely entertaining sport, it also helps players earn a lot of money. According to Forbes, Naomi Osaka made $37.5 Million in the last 12 months. This is $1.4 Million more than what Serena Williams made and has made her the highest-paid female athlete of all time.

This record was previously held by Maria Sharapova who made $29 Million back in 2015. Clearly, the Japanese star has beaten this record by a large margin. And we can expect more records like this as sport is offering more and more money every single year.

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Osaka will certainly be happy that she has set such a record especially considering her last 12 months. After her win at the 2019 Australian Open, the Japanese star had a sudden drop in form. She did not win too many titles and lost in the early stages of the other Grand Slam tournaments.

She will definitely want to get back to playing her amazing tennis so that she can win some more titles. Unfortunately for her, she will have to wait for a while as the WTA Tour has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is scheduled to return in August assuming the virus is contained by then.

With many countries developing a vaccine, we should see the virus contained soon. And when its contained we should hopefully see Naomi Osaka return play some of her best tennis and hopefully win a couple of Grand Slams.

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