Naomi Osaka: “I have Inner Peace…Like Zen”

October 26, 2018 9:27 pm

Naomi Osaka, couldn’t progress to the WTA Finals in Singapore, as the fatigue of a long season finally caught up to her, and she had to retire mid-match. However, she has had more than enough success to enjoy a good long break from tennis. The Japanese Super-star will go home with her head held high, and will reappear in the next season, as one of the forces to reckon with.

“I witnessed some stuff,” said Naomi Osaka. “It’s just been a lot of new experiences. I’m very grateful that I was able to have the opportunities that I had. I feel like I have matured. I hope I can say that”, said the US Open Champion. Osaka is looking to maintain the level that she has showcased this season, as she proceeds into the next season.

“I think keeping the level I had from US Open to now throughout the entire year is something that I really want to focus on”, said Naomi Osaka. “I think I should be doing well on all surfaces. I think I’m capable of doing that.” She also said that, now the wins have given her a boost of confidence that she did not have in the beginning of her career.

“I feel like I’m more….I wouldn’t say ‘confident’…. but I’m more… I have inner peace, like Zen”, said Osaka. “I don’t really want to use words I don’t know. But like I can go inside myself and be peaceful. I think maybe in the beginning of the year I was very uncertain with what I was doing. But now I feel a bit more calm.”

The Japanese number one, will now head back to her home in Florida, where she will recover from her injury and gear up for the season in 2019. “I feel like I’ll rest, but for me, whenever I rest, the first day I’m happy I’m home because I’m just laying down and not doing anything, but then the second day I’m really bored and I start thinking I want to play again”, said Naomi Osaka.

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