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Fans Get Suspicious Over NASCAR’s Treatment Towards Billionaire Michael Jordan’s Team As Allegations Fly

Published 06/01/2023, 1:26 PM EDT

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NASCAR has always been a sport that draws intense scrutiny and speculation from its passionate fanbase. Recently, fans have been expressing their suspicions over the treatment of billionaire Michael Jordan’s team, 23XI Racing, and its driver Bubba Wallace. These suspicions have been fueled by a series of events and reactions surrounding the team’s performance and NASCAR’s actions.

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The spark that ignited the suspicions among fans came from a tweet by one user who questioned NASCAR’s motives regarding its decision to take cars back to the research and development (R&D) center following the recent penalty imposed against Tony Stewart’s team.

The tweet read, “Is NASCAR suspicious of something when they take a car or cars back to R&D?” This tweet was followed by a response from renowned motorsports journalist Bob Pockrass, who stated, “NASCAR doesn’t need a reason to take a car back to R&D. Sometimes they are suspicious and sometimes they are not. I don’t get the feeling they thought they would find this on the 14 car.”


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NASCAR’s History Of Imposing Fines and Penalties

To understand the concerns of fans, it is crucial to examine NASCAR’s recent penalties and the incident involving Stewart-Haas Racing. In a significant development, NASCAR handed down one of its harshest penalties ever to Stewart-Haas Racing for the discovery of a counterfeit part in the underwing of the Chase Briscoe car. This violation, categorized as a Level 3 offense, resulted in a $250,000 fine and a deduction of 120 regular-season points.

NASCAR’s introduction of the Next Gen car in 2022, which mandates teams to purchase most parts and pieces from specific vendors, aimed at creating a level playing field for all competitors. Any modifications to the standardized components are strictly prohibited, and NASCAR promised severe penalties for those found in violation. The incident involving Stewart-Haas Racing underscores the seriousness with which NASCAR approaches such infractions.


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The fans’ suspicions about NASCAR’s treatment of the 23XI Racing team come in the wake of other penalties imposed this season. Hendrick Motorsports and Kaulig Racing both faced L2-level infractions for unapproved modifications to parts, resulting in points deductions, driver suspensions, and hefty fines. Denny Hamlin, one of NASCAR’s top drivers, was also penalized for intentional contact during a race, and Aric Almirola’s Stewart-Haas Racing team faced a safety violation.

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NASCAR Fans Suspicious Of Michael Jordan’s Team 23XI’s Treatment

The fans’ suspicions are compounded by the perception that NASCAR has been inconsistent in its handling of rule violations. While some teams receive severe penalties for seemingly minor infractions, others seem to escape similar scrutiny. This disparity in treatment has fueled speculation and doubt among fans.

This exchange on social media triggered a wave of fan reactions, with many expressing surprise that NASCAR hadn’t taken any of the 23XI Racing cars to the R&D center. Fans were curious whether the 23XI team, specifically their driver Bubba Wallace, had ever been subjected to such scrutiny, highlighting a perceived discrepancy in NASCAR’s treatment of different teams. One fan expressed their surprise, saying, “I’m surprised they haven’t taken any of the 23XI cars to R&D….”

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Another fan questioned whether the team had ever been taken to the research and development center before, asking, “have they ever took the 23 to r&d center?”

Another claimed, “Pre-race inspection in the NASCAR Cup Series garage is complete. The #23 failed twice (car chief was ejected and loss of pit selection). There were no other issues.” These reactions reflect the growing doubts and suspicions among fans regarding NASCAR’s treatment of certain teams, particularly 23XI Racing.


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“Has the 23 team ever been taken to R & D?”


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It is essential for NASCAR to address these concerns and ensure that the sport remains fair and transparent. Consistent enforcement of regulations and penalties will help foster trust among fans and maintain the integrity of the competition. As fans continue to voice their suspicions, it is crucial for NASCAR to provide clarity and reassurance regarding its processes and decisions.



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