“A Tough One”- Denny Hamlin’s Daughter Enthralls NASCAR Community With Her NFL Picks

Published 12/10/2023, 9:13 PM EST

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Denny Hamlin, the Joe Gibbs Racing whiz, isn’t just about burning rubber on the track – he’s also acing the parenting game. Sure, he’s got a bit of a rep in the NASCAR world, but when it comes to his family, he’s a different man. Fans often catch him jetting back and forth, making sure he doesn’t miss his daughter’s important moments. He’s that one father who’s always there, bringing his kids to the track, playing around, and just being super involved.

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Recently, Denny Hamlin caught a moment with his daughter, who seems to be a big NFL fan. She’s got her way of picking teams, and let us tell you, her choices not only took Denny by surprise, but he also realized she’s got a knack for making tough decisions with grace. It’s not every day one sees a racing star so impressed by his little girl’s football savvy!

Denny Hamlin plays coach to his daughter’s NFL picks


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Denny Hamlin’s daughter Molly was seen trying her hand at NFL predictions, and it’s been quite the ride. Just the other day, she ended up with a bit of a mixed bag – an 8:5 win-loss score. But towards week 14, it looks like she’s picking up the playbook and getting the hang of this game. When Denny Hamlin threw her the Panthers vs. Saints dilemma, Molly confidently picked the Saints.

Then, faced with the Rams vs. Ravens, she went with the Rams. Colts and Bengals? She was all in for the Colts. The choices kept rolling: Browns over Jaguars, Lions trumping Bears, Buccaneers sailing past Falcons, Jets zooming past Texans, 49ers anytime over Seahawks, Raiders outmaneuvering Vikings, Bills charging past Chiefs, and Chargers electrifying against the Broncos.


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But the real head-scratcher came with the Eagles vs. Cowboys. Molly paused a bit there but finally landed on the Eagles, agreeing to Denny Hamlin’s “Was that a tough one?” comment. Flashback to the NFL week 12, when one of Denny’s pals dropped by to quiz her. “Texans or Jaguars?” he asked. “Texans,” she shot back, quickly. Bengals or Steelers? Bengals, without a second thought. She didn’t even bat an eyelid picking the Panthers over the Titans. The streak went on: Buccaneers besting Colts, Falcons flying higher than Saints, and so it went.

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Denny, watching her reel off these picks, was pretty much floored. He couldn’t help but marvel at her sharpness, even joking that she might just sweep the board. “She might be smarter than we think,” he said, beaming with pride. Well, she’s Denny Hamlin’s daughter, after all – chip off the old block, right?

Every week, when Denny Hamlin brings Molly out for her NFL forecasts, it’s more than just predictions; it’s a father-daughter bonding. These moments are just pure gold, showing the softer side of a NASCAR heavyweight, which is even loved by die-hard NASCAR enthusiasts.

Has Molly Hamlin become the NASCAR community’s new favorite NFL predictor?

The NASCAR world can’t stop buzzing about Molly’s recent NFL picks. Fans are completely charmed by her confidence and are half-joking that her choices might just be a lucky charm for their favorite teams. It all kicked off with someone saying, “She is good. Wish she would have picked the cowboys,” since she went with the Eagles over the Cowboys. 


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The compliments kept rolling in: “Love her picking the Niners & Chargers….she is an absolute doll!” It seems Molly’s become quite the little celebrity in the fan world. One fan has even hoped to get her picks earlier, joking, “If we can get these earlier in the day…my pickem league would be in first place. 😂”

Then there was the fan who was convinced she was bringing good fortune to the Jets: “Molly is my jets good luck charm 🥹🙏🏻.” And let’s not forget the Eagles supporter who was quite grateful for her choice: “Molly is the Eagles good luck charm 🦅”

Amidst all this appreciation for her picks, one NASCAR fan was simply taken with her cuteness: “❤️❤️sooo cute…..and good!!😳” Molly’s made a splash with her NFL insights, and it’s clear she’s got more than a few fans cheering her on!


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Denny Hamlin Left Jaw-Dropped as Daughter Molly Makes Surprising NFL Pick

Denny, being the doting father he is, must be hoping that 2024 is the year he clinches the championship title. Not just for the glory, but to make his daughters beam with pride. Here’s to a dad who’s not only making tracks in racing but also in the hearts of his little girls.



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