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“Activist” Bubba Wallace’s One Simple Message for Future Generations: “Who Is It for Me to Judge..”

Published 11/29/2022, 7:15 AM EST

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A lot has changed between the time Bubba Wallace entered NASCAR as an inexperienced driver, and now he has established himself as a race winner. And that change is down to a lot of work and effort from his end. Here are his views on the future of the sport.

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Speaking to Seb Coe on his Extraordinary Tales with Seb Coe podcast, Coe asked Wallace “What message do you hope that stance [sh*t or get off the pot] sends out to, not just the fans of the sport but the future generations way beyond the sport?”


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Bubba Wallace said, “We’re different. Everybody in this world is different. We all have a different purpose in life. And I always say like ‘who knows that driving race cars is my purpose in life?’” 

He further added, “Is it my purpose to transcend the sport to new demographics? Potentially. After 2020 my mom said ‘did you ever see yourself as an activist?’ and I was like “no I’m not” but I see where she’s coming from.”

“So who knew this wasn’t going to be the cards that I would be dealt the whole time? And you just live that out. But we’re all made different, and my foundation is called Live To Be Different. Because we are exactly that… And so who is it for me to judge somebody else for going about their life a different way, just because it’s not the same as x y, and z.” Wallace added.

Bubba often is derided and ridiculed a lot for all his activism, but that’s just one side of the story. The other side, the beneficiaries, really respect him for all he has done.

Bubba Wallace understands why nothing changed till now

While speaking on a number of different issues and events that have occurred in his time in racing, Bubba also underlined why things haven’t changed in NASCAR until now.


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He said, “A lot of people think that since 40 years ago this is how it was done, so this is how it needs to be. But that’s not the case. Because 40 years ago when things weren’t right, you guys weren’t standing for what’s right, and because you guys were sitting in the background not saying anything.” 


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Understanding that someone had to take the courageous step, he said “And so now it’s taken me to try and attempt to make everybody feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own voice, to go out and say things and do things to make things right. So… it’s very judgemental, hypocritical…”


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There’s a lot that could change in NASCAR and someone had to get that ball rolling. Wallace took that step, which was probably the biggest and most difficult. 

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