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Quaker State 400 was another successful race night for NASCAR. Although fans had fun watching the race, they may have missed a heated incident that took place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. To give you a sneak peek, it involves a member of Joe Gibbs Racing making abusive remarks about a driver. 

One of the most interesting parts of the race was Martin Truex Jr.‘s turnaround in the pit lane. When the incident happened, there was a heated exchange between the drivers. Truex, who got angry due to that unexpected ‘turnaround,’ was seen abusing the other driver. Joining the #19 driver, a Joe Gibbs Racing member too, made a brutal statement. 

Joe Gibbs Racing Member’s provoking reaction to Martin Truex Jr’s Turnaround


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Martin Truex Jr. was hit by Michael McDowell, which led to Truex’s car turning around. This caused a heated exchange, which wasn’t noticeable until NASCAR released the RADIOACTIVE version of the Atlanta.

The RADIOACTIVE video captured the conversation between Martin Truex Jr. and Michael McDowell after the incident. But what was even more interesting was a crew member’s cold reply to the incident. 

Truex Jr. was exiting the pit lane when the #34 driver, Michael McDowell, who tried overtaking Truex Jr., ended up turning his car around. A furious Martin Truex Jr. made an abusive comment. Since NASCAR censored his radio, what we could hear was, “******* #34”

This was, however, accompanied by James Small calling McDowell a “****** Moron.” That wasn’t the end of the exchange though. 

Michael McDowell, on the radiophone, in his defense, said, “I went one lane, and he was in that lane.” But it just made Truex Jr. and the other Joe Gibbs Racing members frustrated.

Frustrated, Truex, expressing his anger, said, “How the hell does this *** always happen?” James Small, who is the chief crew at Joe Gibbs Racing, also showed his annoyance with Michael McDowell for his antics. Replying to Truex Jr., the JGR member said, “Because we’re surrounded by Clowns.”

The ‘turnaround’ was definitely a really infuriating moment for Truex Jr. as it disturbed the momentum of a driver, affecting his position. 

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Such heated exchange is a common part of stock car racing and they are what makes NASCAR fun for fans, among other factors. But in the case of Martin Truex Jr, fans might not get to watch him be a part of such heated exchanges at the tracks for long. In fact, we might not be seeing him on the track in the 2024 season. There have been rumors around that he’s going to retire from NASCAR next season. And he recently addressed those. 

Martin Truex Jr Reveals His Future at NASCAR Amid Retirement Rumors


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The 2023 Cup season is going at a good pace for Martin Truex Jr. So far in the current Cup season, Truex Jr. has won two cup races. Dover was the first, and Sonoma was Truex Jr.’s second win. 


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With 607 points, he is in the 2nd position in the point stands of the cup series, behind William Byron. But amidst a successful cup season, Truex Jr. has been thinking about retiring from NASCAR by the end of this season. 

After the qualification at Atlanta, the #19 driver was asked in an interview about his latest take on retirement plans. Shedding some light on the topic, Truex said, “I probably need to do it pretty quick. A lot of people behind the scenes are counting on what they’re doing next year, so we need to figure it out pretty quick.” With this, Martin Truex Jr. gave us a strong hint that he might not indeed come back in the 2024 Cup season. 


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With Martin Truex Jr giving hints about his retirement, who will Joe Gibbs choose as the veteran’s replacement?