After NASCAR Launches Investigation Into Latest Bubba Wallace Hate Scandal, Michael Jordan’s Driver’s On-Air Incident Causes Ruckus Among Fans

Published 05/22/2023, 6:43 AM EDT

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Bubba Wallace and controversies seem to go hand-in-hand. Despite achieving an impressive runner-up finish in the All-Star Race on Sunday, Wallace has grabbed the attention of everyone. While NASCAR is looking into the radio incident that took place almost after the race, the 23XI Racing driver is now seen in an unexpected act. Naturally, this has enraged the fans, putting his own reputation in a spot.

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It is no secret how Wallace has struggled in the NASCAR Cup Series this season with four DNFs already to his name. Having said that, he has looked better in the last few races and was a good watch even at North Wilkesboro Speedway on Sunday. However, all that seems to be irrelevant after what Michael Jordan‘s team’s driver chose to do after the race.


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Bubba Wallace Has a Surprising Message for His Critics Following the All-Star Race at NWS

Without a doubt, Bubba Wallace and the fans share a love-and-hate relationship. While many adore him, there are plenty who dislike him to the core. Interestingly, it all got tense before the All-Star Race on Sunday. After the Truck Series race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, Wallace was on the receiving end of several booing. However, he kept his calm and didn’t let it get to him.

While that didn’t instigate any controversy, an unexpected incident almost after the race surely did. Surprisingly, an unidentified individual tapped into Wallace’s radio and had a derogatory message. He said, “Go back to where you came from you a******. You’re not wanted in NASCAR,”


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As of now, it seems Wallace did not hear it but NASCAR officials have started their investigation to identify the guilty person. While that was uncalled for, what the 29-year-old did next can surely fit in that bracket. After finishing second to Kyle Larson on Sunday, Wallace was attending a post-race interview.

It was then that he waved a fleeting middle finger at the camera, which didn’t look like an accidental act. While it is unlikely it is about the radio incident, there are high chances it is to his critics who were seen booing him earlier. Regardless, this act certainly did not bode well with the fans.

In fact, it has left them fuming heavily considering the sensitivity of it happening on a live telecast.

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Bubba Wallace’s Inappropriate Act After the All-Star Race Instigates a Massive Outrage From the Fans


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Bubba Wallace has always been an outspoken character, never shy to express himself. While he often enjoys the limelight, it is imperative that he obliges the responsibilities that come with it.


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With Wallace doing what he did after the All-Star Race, it has left plenty disappointed. Because of this, many fans pointed out on Twitter how the Alabama-born driver lacks class in their opinion.

“Damn bubba…do you have any class at all?”

“Low class, uncalled for, unsportsmanlike gesture.”

“Poor sport and no class!  Glad you lost.”

“Bubba being classless per usual!!!”

While Wallace’s gesture was questioned, many even slammed him for doing so considering how young children were watching the telecast.

“SMH it’s obvious he’s has no respect and sad thing is kids look up to him and he does this. He should be fined.”

“My children were watching. Where am I suppose to go from here as a father?”

“Live TV seriously…….. wow proud moment for Toyota and this “team””

It is indeed very questionable how Wallace went about business. Furthermore, it remains to be seen what NASCAR does about it. What do you make of Wallace’s actions? Let us know in the comments below.



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