“And FREE?”- Dale Earnhardt Jr & Fans Over the Moon As NASCAR Wins Hearts With Strategic Brilliance

Published 08/18/2023, 12:11 PM EDT

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Buckle up, NASCAR enthusiasts, because a time machine has just rolled onto the digital track! NASCAR has unleashed a treasure trove of over a thousand full, commercial-free races on their brand-new NASCAR Classics website. This early Christmas gift is a goldmine of iconic moments spanning the history of this exhilarating sport, dating back to the 1950s. And veteran driver Dale Earnhardt Jr is joining in the fun.

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Imagine stepping into a time capsule and hurtling back to witness the legendary races defining NASCAR’s rich history. The NASCAR Classics platform, now live on nascar.com, is your ticket to a thrilling voyage across eight decades of pulse-pounding action in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Twitter Cheers: Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Enthusiasm Ignites Fan Excitement


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And here’s the cherry on top: NASCAR Classics isn’t static. It’s a living archive that’ll keep growing. Most Cup Series race broadcasts are already at your fingertips, but NASCAR isn’t hitting the brakes. They’re committed to adding recently concluded Cup Series races to the collection, ensuring that the roar of engines never fades away. JR Motorsports owner Dale Earnhardt Jr recently took to Twitter to show his enthusiasm about the project, and fans are delighted.

“Thank you Nascar and everyone who had a hand in making this happen. I’m sure it was no easy task…. and FREE?!? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼” Junior wrote on his Twitter as he shared the NASCAR announcement. 


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The comment section flooded with enthusiasm: 

“The NASCAR Library has been working on this for 3 years now. Lots of hours put into it for my coworkers and myself. Reminds me of watching Back In the Day. 😊” one fan wrote.

Another chimed in, “Nascar has been doing so many Ws lately and I’m loving it.”

“Can’t get any better than that!” the third one stated.

One NASCAR enthusiast even wrote, “That’s why NASCAR is the best sport in America, NFL would never do this, NASCAR so Great as a Sports League!!!!”

“Hell yeah it’s freaking awesome man! I can’t wait to see if they have the ones from Ona Speedway here in WV.” a fan added.

Someone even cheered, “So bada**. I’ve watched a few already! I hope it stays online and remains free. This stuff is too good to bury behind locked doors or paywalls.”

“The quality is amazing! You can actually see the beer cans raining down on Jeff Gordon after he won the spring 2007 Talledega race.” said another.

A fan stated, “Oh my! This is incredible! Soooo freaking cool!!! It’s like an early Christmas present 🎁”

Another wrote, “Free racing from back in the day. I cannot wait to start watching!!!”

“This is amazing. Great gesture to old school fans and to grow the sport. Now we need the full schedule to be made available along with practice and qualifying! Seems a lot of key races missing in later 90s and 00s so far. Hope they are added soon.” added another fan.

At the heart of this digital racing archive is a jubilant celebration: NASCAR’s Top 75 Greatest Races. This carefully curated collection, a testament to NASCAR’s first 75 years, captures the essence of the sport’s adrenaline-soaked evolution. From the 1951 Motor City 250 in Michigan to the electrifying “Hail Melon” move by Ross Chastain in October 2022, this unranked assortment embodies the power, speed, and legacy that defines NASCAR.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. NASCAR isn’t content with merely a digital pit stop.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Thumbs Up: NASCAR Classics Launches Multi-Platform Throwback Blitz


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They’re launching dedicated NASCAR Classics accounts across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. This move propels the brand beyond the digital realm, connecting with fans through a cascade of throwback content bound to fuel your nostalgia.

Tim Clark, the senior vice president and chief digital officer at NASCAR stated,“NASCAR Classics is a significant addition to our digital content offerings that for the first time ever gives fans around the world free, uninterrupted access to enjoy decades of past NASCAR Cup Series action whenever and wherever they’d like.” 

Navigate history with a few clicks–that’s the magic of NASCAR Classics. The platform is designed to give fans an immersive and interactive experience. Choose your journey by era, track, or even through a keyword search that’ll transport you to specific drivers, race names, and memorable moments. Once you’ve locked onto a race, a custom timeline tool awaits, ready to catapult you directly to those heart-pounding highlights that made history.


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So, buckle up, dear fans. NASCAR Classics has handed you the keys to the most thrilling time machine. The green flag has dropped, and the race of a lifetime is just a click away.



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