The Ally 400 is the talk of the town right now, and the back-to-back chaos that ensued on the tracks was nothing short of a white-knuckled tension ride for the fans and spectators. Amidst the dust of the storm that took 6 hours to calm down, Kyle Larson once again stood out like a light in the dark. But this time, the spotlight isn’t as forgiving as it was before.

The NASCAR community is well aware of his tendency to leave a trail of mayhem behind the smoke of his tires. But isn’t every driver prone to making mistakes while racing at the limit? However, Larson being involved in multiple incidents that affected the outcome of the race pushes the consequences to be a little different for him this time.

TJ Majors defends Kyle Larson


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It’s no secret that Kyle Larson is one of the most talented drivers in NASCAR. But, you win some, you lose some, right? And, it turns out, despite his raw speed and ability, Larson’s tendency to get a bit too aggressive and end up causing crashes or other incidents has now led to not one but many folks frowning at the Hendrick Motorsports driver. But the spotter of the No. 6 Cup car, the No. 41 Truck, and the No. 88 Cup car this weekend, TJ Majors, disagrees with the ones who criticize Larson and instead has a better contrast to draw upon.

TJ Majors explains that different drivers have distinct characteristics in how they race. While some drivers excel at running fast laps, others are better at managing long runs until their tires wear out. He even takes the example of a driver who was very much like the HMS star, who always made it through the end with excellent results. He refers to Matt Kenseth, who currently serves as the competition advisor for Legacy Motor Club and won a championship despite having an average qualifying position in the mid-20s.

Kenseth, according to Majors, was able to win numerous races that year because he was a great race driver who could put together strong performances despite not being the best qualifier either. “When Matt Kenseth won a championship his average qualifying position was in the mid-20s, but he won numerous races that year because he just wasn’t very good at qualifying,” Majors said on the Door Bumper Clear episode aired on July 2nd while addressing Larson’s performance. “But he was a great race driver and he was able to put races together and utilize his strengths. Those guys definitely make a lot of mistakes but, they’re definitely exciting!”

USA Today via Reuters

Majors further notes that drivers like Kyle Larson, who is “super fast” and “on the edge,” tend to make more mistakes. However, he also argues that this is part of what makes them exciting to watch, as their aggressive driving style contributes to the excitement of NASCAR racing. Even though they make more mistakes, their raw speed and willingness to push the limits are key parts of what makes them such talented and compelling drivers. Which is what the NASCAR Cup Series is about, right?

Say whatever one can, but Kyle Larson is willing to push the limits in a way that other drivers aren’t, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. Fans love to see drivers wreck some good old-fashioned NASCAR havoc, and the race at Nashville Superspeedway was full of it!

Larson has a lot to learn from his mistakes


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Kyle Larson, who’s one of the top NASCAR drivers out there right now, has no doubt that he is an absolute wheelman. But he’s also got a bit of a wild side to his driving style that can get him in trouble sometimes. And he’s had plenty of trouble this season.


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Take the recent race in Nashville, for example. While Larson was battling for the lead late in the race, he decided he was going to try and force Denny Hamlin up the track. But he ended up clipping another driver, Ross Chastain, in the process, and that caused a big ol’ wreck with a bunch of cars getting tangled up.

Then, on one of the restarts after that, Larson’s car suddenly ran out of gas! That led to another incident, this time with Kyle Busch, who had to swerve to avoid Larson’s slowing car. He did apologize for the mishap, but it doesn’t erase that he took away important points from Busch because of his negligence.

Now, you’d think all those problems would’ve knocked Larson out of contention, but he is just so talented that he still managed to finish the race in P8. That was enough to put him back on top of the NASCAR Cup Series points standings, overtaking his teammate Chase Elliott.


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So Larson’s got a bit of a double-edged sword thing going on right now. When he’s on, he’s virtually unstoppable, but he’s also liable to make some boneheaded moves that take him and others out of contention. It’s just part of what makes him such a unique and captivating driver in the NASCAR world, right?

But even when he messes up, you can’t help but be entertained by it all. But perhaps moving forward, we might see some precautionary actions from the Hendrick Motorsports driver. What do you think?