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The biggest confusion in the month of July this year – Barbie or Oppenheimer. Which movie should we go watch? The internet is divided into two sides, with people making comparisons of two things, in reference to Barbie and Oppenheimer. A similar Barbie VS Oppenheimer comparison was seen to be made by Brad Keselowski’s team but with a twist of NASCAR. 

Sharing the picture of Chris Buescher‘s 2023 #17 Mustang and Trevor Bayne’s 2013 Pillow Pets Ford, RFK Racing has created its own version of the Barbie VS Oppenheimer battle. When two amazing cars are being compared, it’s obvious to find fans taking sides with their favorite cars. But this time, it was more like a tie in the battle, because fans loved both the cars. 

What exactly is this Barbie VS Oppenheimer comparison by RFK?


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RFK Racing, co-owned by Brad Keselowski, shared a Twitter post where they posted their own version of Barbie VS Oppenheimer. RFK’s version of Barbie was, of course, the gorgeous Trevor Bayne’s 2013 Pillow Pets Ford. 

Oppenheimer, on the other hand, was referred to Chris Buescher’s 2023 #17 Mustang, which isn’t less than a beauty bomb. While Chris Buescher’s Mustang is an iconic car, Trevor Bayne’s 2013 Pillow Pets Ford is a legendary one. 

Trevor Bayne’s 2013 Pillow Pets Ford was first seen at the Nationwide Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 25, 2013. Pillow Pets, a popular toy brand of the early 20s, participated in the Charlotte Motor Speedway by Sponsoring RFC. The sponsorship led to Bayne’s No 6 Ford Mustang transforming into a beautiful Barbie-color car, which appeared in Indianapolis on July 27 and Dover on September 28.

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Chris Buescher’s 2023 #17 Mustang isn’t any less gorgeous than Pillow Pets Ford. In fact, with this new patriotic fastenal design, it looks bold and classic. If we look at it, this Mustang truly matches the vibes and color theme of the Oppenheimer movie. If you are a Chris Buescher fan, you cannot just ignore this design and the car.

Even though the original blue version of the car was amazing, too, this patriotic-themed one is just the next level. Both of them are outstanding cars in terms of performance and looks, so fans were confused about making a choice. 

Fans reacted to Chris Buescher’s 2023 #17 Mustang VS Trevor Bayne’s 2013 Pillow Pets Ford


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Just like Barbie VS Oppenheimer, fans had different reactions to Chris Buescher’s 2023 #17 Mustang VS Trevor Bayne’s 2013 Pillow Pets Ford. Some fans liked the Pillow Pets Ford, while others could not get over the #17 Mustang. 

A fan who seems like a legit fan of Pillow Pets Ford and maybe Barbie too, said “This proves that Barbie is better.” Another Pillow Pets Ford fan said, “Got that pillow pet die cast kids love it.” 


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Then there were also fans who were like, ‘Why can’t we just choose one?’ One such fan commented, “See, both call it Barbenheimer.” Since both were amazing cars, the result of this comparison surely could be Barbenheimer! There were fans who wanted to relive the 20s and watch the Pillow Pets Ford back on track. 

One such fan said, “Can we expect a Pillow Let’s Throwback next season?” Another fan who appeared as a hardcore NASCAR fan said, “Imagine if we get a NASCAR 2005 movie.” If a movie is made around NASCAR in 2005, these two cars should definitely be in it. 


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RFK’s Barbie VS Oppenheimer battle was unique and fun. Going back to one of the comments that were being made on RFK’s post, a fan said, “Can we expect a Pillow Let’s throwback next season?” Let’s suppose that happens. Just imagine how fun it would be to watch a legendary car back on the track, just like the old times. Would you want to watch Pillow Pets Ford back on track?