Bubba Wallace Delivers Bad News to His Sponsors Amid Big Deal With $180 Billion Streaming Platform

Published 08/25/2023, 7:43 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

When you see your favorite NASCAR drivers acting, isn’t that quite a show? A documentary about how a young, talented driver strives to pursue his dreams and make a name in the arena of NASCAR stock sounds really exciting. However, it is not just sweet talk, as this happened before when Bubba Wallace appeared on Netflix for his 6-part docuseries named “Race: Bubba Wallace.”

The show depicts the rise of the 23XI Racing driver to top-tier car racing while suffering the aftermath of racial injustice. Also highlighted was George Floyd’s cruel death at the hands of a white police officer. However, come 2024, Bubba Wallace is expected to return behind the curtains of Netflix with another show, and this time, it is not just him.

Only going to work if you’re yourself”, Bubba Wallace says, showing his concerns ahead of upcoming NASCAR streaming


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NASCAR and Netflix partnered up together to announce the commencement of the work behind a limited series that is set to air in 2024. With Bubba Wallace’s docuseries receiving a 6.6/10 from IMDB, the upcoming show must live up to the expectations of the fans. Fun fact: Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the executive producers!

But Bubba Wallace is having his own share of issues this time. The NASCAR drivers are adept at revving their engines at full throttle and driving at blazing speed around ovals. The No. 23 Toyota Camry driver feels that the audience will not watch their show if it appears to be scripted and unnatural.

Bubba Wallace said, “I was like, ‘look, guys, it’s only going to work if you’re yourself, if you want to shut down and say, the car was fast, car was loose, car was tight, then it’s a waste of time.”

Everyone is new to this venture, and only determination and honest efforts can take them through this seemingly impossible task. “You know, everybody is not okay with being around cameras, right?” he explained.

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While drivers might take pleasure in the exposure that they will be getting, a Netflix documentary is not all about the money. It is how people will connect with the show. Bubba Wallace said, “If you’re thinking that it’s great exposure, just because you see your sponsor’s logos on there, they’re going to love it. Great. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about people.”

“It’s about people being able to latch on and see themselves within you because you’re working in such a high-pressure environment and you’re being yourself. They want to see how you handle that because they might be dealing with the same stuff,” Bubba said with a clear assertion in his tone.

Bubba Wallace received mixed fan reactions along with a Sports Emmy for his docuseries


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Bubba Wallace became available to the masses just a couple of days after the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season took off. Besides portraying the struggles that Wallace faced as the only black driver in NASCAR, the No. 23 Toyota Camry driver also depicted his mental health issues, which attracted the attention of many.

The docuseries that featured Bubba won the respectable Sports Emmy award in 2023, along with Drive to Survive. However, fans behaved in a rather mean way toward Bubba’s achievement.

Someone predicted what the comments section might look like in a few hours and said, “I sure hope the replies will actually celebrate this accomplishment and not go into complete chaos.”


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And that is exactly what happened. A fan said, “This series was unwatchable. He won because liberal people pity his skin color 😂 what an honor.”

Another lashed out at Bubba saying, “How many Cup races has he won? I thought racing was about winning.”

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However, there was a group of people who congratulated Denny Hamlin‘s driver for his achievement. They said, “Well deserved, Congratulations @BubbaWallace and Team!”

Another one wished the entire team well and exclaimed, “Congratulations!! So happy for everyone involved.”


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