Bubba Wallace Goes Off on Twitter Calling Out NASCAR “Youngins” for Their Lack of Respect on Track

Published 02/18/2024, 6:45 PM EST

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Bubba Wallace, driver of 23XI Racing’s #23 Camry in the NASCAR Cup Series, hasn’t been shying away from voicing his opinions lately. Following a wild finish to the season-opening Fresh from Florida 250 Truck Series race at Daytona, Wallace took to Twitter to express his concerns about the current state of racing, particularly in regard to the ‘youngins.’

The race, on the other hand, saw a record 12 caution flags, many due to aggressive driving and avoidable crashes. In the final overtime lap, Wallace’s mentee, Rajah Caruth‘s #71 truck, made contact with Jack Wood‘s #22, sending both into Taylor Gray‘s #17, causing a chain reaction of wrecks, each one more disheartening than the other. This incident, involving young drivers showcasing a lack of consideration for consequences, seemed to be the tipping point for Wallace’s recent tweetstorm.

A Call for Respect in Bubba Wallace’s Twitter Tirade


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Wallace is the first Truck Series race winner of African-American descent. In a recent tweet, NASCAR insider Dave Moody of MRN/SiriusXM echoed concerns about the decline in racing quality after the Daytona Truck Series opener. Wallace retweeted this sentiment with his own series of quotes. His first tweet, laced with frustration, challenged the narrative of “cup guys” ruining the show:

“Remember when we complained that the Cup guys were ruining the show… ignoring the fact that some weeks the youngins would beat the cup guys.. or the fact that if you junked the field and got the cup guys caught up in it, they would yank your a** to the side.”  Wallace remembers a different era, where veteran drivers instilled respect and responsibility through, shall we say, “direct communication.” Wallace continued,


“And tell you to get your sh*t together. And those words would make an impression. Some of the most important words I was told coming up thru… “stop crashing sh*t” -@KevinHarvick Goes back to the respect talk @KyleBusch was saying… Not saying cup guys need an unlimited amount again..” Bubba Wallace references the lessons learned from legends like Kevin Harvick that resonate with veterans like Kyle Busch, referencing the importance of straight talk and the impact it had on his own development. The underlying plea here is for the “youngins” to embrace that same sense of responsibility and self-awareness.

“But there was a level of respect when those guys were in the field… Seems like majority now don’t care about one another and just DO before they THINK. Idk anything tho” The final tweet cuts deep. It’s a call-back for a lost era, a yearning for a return to the days when calculated aggression, not reckless abandon, defined the sport. The ending is a loaded statement, laced with both humility and a hint of resignation.

Respect Amidst Recklessness in Racing


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The story goes beyond Wallace’s tweets and the generational divide. It also weaves into the complex relationship between Wallace and his mentee, Rajah Caruth, the driver involved in the final-lap Truck Series tangle. Despite the frustration expressed, Wallace didn’t just point fingers. He engaged in a lengthy, private conversation with Caruth after the race. Was it the “stop crashing sh*t” talk 2.0? Perhaps, but Wallace’s actions suggest a willingness to guide rather than simply condemn.


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This desire for positive change extends beyond the Truck Series, however. Wallace, entering his seventh Daytona 500, embodies a new, introspective approach. He recently acknowledged the challenges of maintaining a positive mindset in such a demanding sport, yet expressed a determination to recapture the fearlessness and confidence he had as a rookie.

Wallace’s journey goes beyond mentoring and personal introspection; it encompasses ambitious goals for the 2024 NASCAR season. With a refreshed mindset and the support of 23XI Racing, Wallace seeks to build on the significant behind-the-scenes additions, indicating a commitment to consistent success.

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After a successful 2023, which saw him clinch a playoff berth and achieve a career-high 10th in points, Bubba Wallace is poised for greater accomplishments. The 23XI Racing driver is eager to build on the positive momentum and aims to capitalize on the tools provided by his rapidly evolving super-team, alongside a promising teammate such as Tyler Reddick himself. As the engines roar to life at Daytona on Tuesday, Wallace’s process acts as an integral talking point. Will he find success on the track? The answer may be less important than the impact he leaves on the sport as a whole.


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